Many parents wash their children’s hair daily, although most of the time it is not necessary. Pediatricians recommend washing children’s hair about three times a week, while the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology is stricter in this regard and advises washing it only when it is dirty.

Washing your hair too often could affect your scalp, causing irritation, flaking, or even dermatitis. However, there is another factor that could also affect the hair health of children and that is often overlooked: shampoo.

Shampoo is one of the most important children’s toiletries. Its regular use not only helps to remove dust and excess oil from the hair, but also helps regulate sebum production, strengthens the hair and prevents the appearance of the dreaded lice. However, when it comes to children, not all shampoos work.

What should you keep in mind when choosing a shampoo for children?

The main premise when choosing a children’s shampoo is that it is designed for children and that it is as natural as possible. Ideally, it should be made with vegetable ingredients that do not damage the scalp or irritate the eyes. Therefore, avoid products with silicones, parabens or perfumes that can damage the skin and cause allergies in the long term.

Also, make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol. This ingredient is often used for a cooling effect on the scalp, but it can cause irritation and eczema. Instead, opt for hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested shampoos that have a neutral pH. In addition to being more delicate, this type of shampoo maintains the natural balance of the scalp and regulates the proliferation of bacteria.

Another aspect that you should take into account when choosing a children’s shampoo is the type of skin of your little one. If you have normal skin, a nourishing shampoo will suffice, but if you have dry skin, you will need a shampoo with extra hydration. In case you have sensitive skin, you should choose a gentle, moisturizing and emollient shampoo that does not irritate the skin, while if you have atopic skin you will need a product specially designed for this condition.

The 7 best children’s shampoos, according to the OCU

For the Organization of Consumers and Users, the best children’s shampoos are not those with the best aroma or the most foam, but those that contain fewer chemical products. Here is a selection of the best shampoos for children, according to the OCU criteria.

1. Revlon Equave 2-in-1 Shampoo

This shampoo and conditioner for normal hair is an excellent alternative for washing the hair of the little ones at home. Its creamy texture makes it very easy to use while its pleasant apple scent leaves hair with a soft, clean fragrance. Its regular use cleans, detangles and softens the hair from the first use, giving it an extra natural shine. However, what really makes it the favorite of many parents is that it is a hypoallergenic product that does not contain parabens, dyes, allergens or added sulfates.

2. Garnier Original Remedies Ultra Mild Delicatesse Oatmeal 2-in-1 Shampoo

Garnier presents its most delicate formula in this shampoo and conditioner for children, its first hypoallergenic shampoo suitable for daily use. Being prepared with oat milk, it has soothing and softening properties while, thanks to its cream of rice content, it protects and moisturizes the hair in depth. Another advantage? It is tested under pediatric control and does not irritate the eyes. In addition, it respects the natural balance of the scalp, making it ideal for sensitive hair. And it helps to eliminate knots in the hair with ease, so that the smallest of the house will no longer have to endure more pulling.

3. Revlon Professional Equave Kids Princess

If you are looking for a shampoo and conditioner for the little one at home, this Revlon 2-in-1 product will come in handy. Its formula, specially prepared for children, moisturizes the hair in depth, detangles it and gives it a very beautiful natural shine. Being dermatologically tested and containing no sulfates, it does not irritate the scalp and is suitable for the most sensitive skin. In addition, Revlon Professional Equave Kids Princess protects against solar rays, preventing the hair from drying out or deteriorating due to the ultraviolet effect.

4. Urtekram Calendula Shampoo for children

If you are looking for a children’s shampoo with natural products, this Urtekram calendula shampoo is an excellent option. Being prepared with organic ingredients, it is a mild and safe shampoo that you can use on a regular basis. Thanks to the magnolia bark extract, it maintains the balance of the scalp while its content of aloe vera and glycerin moisturize and regenerate the hair from its root. And also, it cleans very well and leaves the hair with a very soft and silky texture. It also provides extra shine and luminosity, making it perfect for dull and damaged hair. It is worth noting that it is a vegan product.

5. Spanish Institute Shampoo for Atopic Skin

Specially formulated for sensitive or atopic-prone scalps, it is a very mild shampoo that soothes itchiness and protects dry scalp from flaking. Containing no parabens, colorants or preservatives and being dermatologically tested, it does not irritate and reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Thanks to its neutral pH, it provides high tolerance and does not affect the balance of the scalp. Its regular use not only cleanses the hair, but also provides flexibility, softness and shine so that your little one can show off his great hair.

6. Johnson’s Baby Shine Drops Kids Shampoo

Formulated with argan oil and silk proteins, this shampoo not only moisturizes the hair, but also enhances its natural shine. In fact, it is especially recommended for dull and weak hair as it nourishes them in depth. Another point in your favor? As it is a mild shampoo and does not contain sulfates, phthalates, alcohol, dyes or soap, it is a safe product and does not irritate the eyes. Its hypoallergenic formula has been tested by pediatricians and dermatologists.

7. Johnson’s Baby Classic Shampoo

The gentle formula of this shampoo has been specially designed to thoroughly cleanse fine hair and the delicate scalp of children. Its creamy texture allows quick lathering and easy rinsing, leaving hair soft, shiny and hydrated. As it does not contain colorants, phthalates, sulfates, alcohol or soap, it is perfect for children’s skin because it also has a balanced pH and is hypoallergenic. In fact, its formula has been tested by pediatricians and dermatologists who certify its effectiveness. It is worth noting that it does not irritate the eyes.