Tipis, tepee or Indian tent, as it is also known, are a type of portable dwelling originally made with animal skins and wooden sticks. Typical of the nomadic indigenous peoples of the United States, it was a very practical dwelling since it not only protected from the cold in the winter and the rains during the stormy season, but also offered shelter during the hot summer days. Also, being very light and easy to assemble, it was a perfect alternative to the nomadic lifestyle of these tribes.

However, although over the years its use as a habitual residence has disappeared, it has gained ground among those who enjoy a getaway in the middle of nature and among the smallest of the house who use it as a personal refuge. In fact, more and more children want to join the trend of having their own hideaway at home, a place where they can read, play, sleep or unleash their creativity out of sight of their parents.

So, if your child is one of those who likes to build their own space with cardboard and sheets at home or hide behind the sofa to read a book, maybe it’s time to give them a teepee. Ideal for reinforcing his self-esteem and stimulating his independence and autonomy, he also helps to develop his creativity and unleash his imagination. In Stage Infant we want to make your work easier, so we have compiled some of the coolest, most practical and resistant options so that the little one at home can let his imagination fly.

7 ideal tipis for children to unleash their creativity

1. Tiny Land Indian Teepee

Whether indoors or outdoors, children will have many hours of fun in this typical Indian tipi from the Tiny Land label. Recommended for children up to 8 years old, it has a clear design with a very cool and minimalist star light detail that combines in practically any corner of the house. In addition, it is very fresh since it is made of cotton canvas and includes a window and a hinged door that guarantees good air circulation.

Of course, it also has a “secret” pocket so that children can store their favorite toys or books inside the tent. And it is very safe! It is supported by double-polished solid pine posts that provide great stability and resistance to the structure, while it has a padded and non-slip mat that keeps it in place.

2. TazzToys Cotton Teepee

With this teepee made of 100% cotton , children no longer have to hide behind the sofa to enjoy their favorite reading and games. With a very cool white and wood design , it has a resistant pine rib structure that helps it keep its shape at all times. In addition, it has two windows with very practical curtains, a hinged door and two interior pockets for the little ones to store their most precious belongings.

Another advantage? It has a completely waterproof floor that not only prevents accidental stains but also keeps children dry, even if they are on wet grass or sand. And it is very easy to disassemble and transport! So that children can take it with them wherever they go and, once they finish playing, you can easily store it in any corner of the house because it hardly takes up space.

3. Tiny Land Kids Teepee

If you are looking for a cool and resistant tipi to surprise the smallest of the house, this Tiny Land model is an excellent bet. Without a doubt, its white design with gray details and star lights will captivate children from the first moment. However, perhaps what the little ones value most is all the space it has inside, perfect for inviting a friend.

Made of thick cotton canvas and with a structure of double polished pine poles, this teepee is very safe and resistant. In addition, it has a window and a hinged door that facilitates air circulation and allows children to keep an eye on what is happening outside. And, so they can play comfortably, it has a thick, non-slip mat that always keeps it in place, while it includes two storage pockets to keep their toys organized.

4. Teepee with Fairy Lights by Ireenuo

Give children the chance to live a magical adventure with this teepee with fairy lights from the Ireenuo label. Made of 100% cotton canvas, it has a very delicate design in white and wood tones that comes in handy for practically any decorative style. What kids are sure to love the most, though, is the mesh window and flap door detail that lets them keep up with what’s going on outside without leaving their shelter.

Another plus point? It is a very safe and resistant tipi. It has solid and well-sanded wooden posts to prevent splinters which, together with plastic connectors, give the structure great stability. In addition, no toxic substances have been used in its manufacture, so children can be in contact with the walls without any risk. And, to make them feel more comfortable inside, it includes a floor mat.

5. Peradix Indian Tipi

If you are looking for a cool and resistant tipi in which children can read, play and entertain themselves in privacy, this Peradix model is a good choice. It is a very simple but captivating model with independent windows and a heart-shaped pocket where the little ones can store their toys or books to always have them close at hand. And what’s more, it’s very easy to install since everything comes in a single piece, so when you open it you just need to put each post in its place and that’s it!

The tipi is made of natural and breathable cotton canvas so that children are always cool inside, while pine trunks have been used for the poles to give the structure greater stability. Unlike other models, this tipi is equipped with a square cushion and a triangular pocket in its corners to prevent the poles from protruding when they hit the ground, thus reducing the risk of collapse. It is worth noting that it is also available in a striped design.

6. Besrey two-tone tipi

The little ones at home who dream of having their own space will be delighted with this beautiful tipi from the Basrey label. Its beige and gray design includes fairy lights to add a magical touch to the tipi and a small side window to see outside. In addition, it has two pockets on one side so that the little ones can keep some of their coloring books or notebooks close at hand.

Made of resistant canvas fabric and solid pine poles, it has a very stable structure. In fact, it includes rubber studs to prevent the posts from slipping when placed on the ground, while it comes with a device that is installed at the top to keep the structure in place and a rope to hold the sides. And, so that children can play comfortably and without getting dirty, it includes a fine rug to place on the floor.

7. Children’s teepee by Moritz & Moritz

If you are looking for a simple, practical and light teepee that children can take wherever they go, this Moritz & Moritz model is ideal. Available in different designs so you can choose the one you like best, it has a small side window so that children can see outside while you don’t lose their foot or step. Of course, it also has a hinged door so they can get in and out with ease, as well as side pockets to store some of their favorite toys.

Beyond its beautiful design, this model is also safe and resistant to the passage of time. It has been made with cotton canvas and quality pine poles and to give the structure extra stability, it includes a rope to always keep the poles together. In addition, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble and, as it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, it includes a comfortable transport bag so that children can take it with them to the park or to their friends’ houses.