Did you know that the first walkie talkies were used for military purposes during World War II? Shortly thereafter they found their way into the police, emergency services and the industrial sector before entering our homes and becoming one of the favorite toys of children. Without a doubt, it is a very entertaining device with which they will let their imagination run wild while they become spies for a day or have fun acting as a guide in the middle of nature. Here are some of the best walkie talkies specially designed for the little ones at home.

7 walkie talkies for the little ones at home

1. Walkie talkie Kearui

Are you looking for a walkie talkie for the little ones at home? This model of the Kearui label is perfect. Its small and lightweight design makes it an ergonomic toy that is very easy to handle, while including a belt clip, it is very easy to transport. Unlike other children’s walkie talkies, it has a long range that allows it to be used at a distance of up to 5 kilometers in the open air and almost 2 kilometers in a residential area. And it includes a flashlight so that the little ones can also use it at night if they go camping.

And it is very easy to use! Apart from the classic button to speak , it includes a voice-activated transmission system, as well as a backlit screen that offers information about its state of use. In addition, it is a safe device: having only 8 channels reduces the risk that other people can communicate using the same frequency while the key lock option allows you to regulate the use that children give to the device. It is worth noting that the sound quality is very good and it has an adjustable volume level.

2. Walkie talkie Nestling

If you are looking for a walkie talkie for the outdoor adventures of the little ones at home, this Nestling model is perfect. It is an improved version with an ergonomic design and a range of up to 3 kilometers in open fields so that children can run and play as they please. In addition, it includes 8 main channels with sub-channels, which are very easy to find thanks to its channel scan function. And it lets you mute background noise! An excellent choice to ensure clear voice transmission, even in noisy environments.

Unlike traditional walkie talkies, this model has the VOX function that allows the signal to be sent without the need to press a button for the convenience of children. Of course, it also includes other practical features, from a flashlight and a bright LCD screen to a call and monitoring function. In addition, it includes 10 ringtones and various keypad tones, as well as an audible alert for low battery, menu with power function and volume adjustments.

3. Walkie talkie Wanfei

Ideal for taking on school camping trips or family outings in the wilderness, the Wanfei walkie talkie will allow kids to stay in touch with the push of a button. Its wireless system contains 8 channels and up to 38 subchannels that work within a radius of up to 5 kilometers outdoors and about two kilometers indoors. The device includes a scan feature to check which channels are in use and an auto squelch that cancels out surrounding noise for better sound quality.

In addition, it is very easy to manipulate since, apart from the buttons, it includes a voice activation system that allows it to be used hands-free, while it has a backlit screen that offers information about the device at all times. And it can be personalized! It has up to 10 ringtones so that the little ones can choose the one they like the most. And, so that they can use it even at night, it comes with a built-in flashlight. It is worth noting that, unlike other models, the Wanfei walkie talkie is made of materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for children.

4. Walkie talkie Retevis RT602

If you are looking for a practical and resistant walkie talkie for children, this Retevis model will come in handy. Being small it is very easy to manipulate, even with one hand, while thanks to the fact that it is made of quality plastic it withstands shocks very well, making it a robust and durable device. However, one of its biggest claims is its multiple features: it includes a flashlight to use in low-light places as well as a screen that provides information about calls in progress.

It also has different modes of use since it can be used through the buttons or through the hands-free function that allows you to talk more comfortably. And to prevent kids from changing channels or changing other features, it provides a keypad lock option. Plus, it can be customized! It includes different key tones and 10 selectable call tones, as well as an available call confirmation tone. And to make sure kids can use it whenever they need to, it comes with a charger and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

5. Walkie talkie Q136 Qniglo

Practical and fun, this Kittie-themed walkie talkie is the perfect alternative for communicating with children whether at home or on nature outings. Its bright eyes detail that lights up when you speak will captivate the little ones from the first use while its built-in bracelet and cord will allow them to wear it either on the wrist or around the neck. However, its biggest advantage is its compact and lightweight design that allows you to manipulate it easily, even with one hand.

Unlike other walkie talkies, the Qniglo model supports up to 24 hours talk time and 5 days standby time, so it can be used for a long time without charging. However, being rechargeable, it will be ready whenever the little ones need it. It is worth noting that the device works in a radius of just over 2 kilometers in the open air and that it has great sound quality. Plus, it comes with a built-in FM radio so kids can keep themselves entertained while biking or walking on their outdoor adventures.

6. Walkie talkie MTM

If you are looking for a walkie talkie with many communication channels, this model from MTM is perfect for children. It has 16 channels and 121 privacy codes that can be easily found through the automatic scanning of the built-in PMR system. In addition, it has a great range since it allows you to talk within a radius of up to 3 kilometers indoors and up to 5 kilometers outdoors. And this, without sacrificing sound quality, since it has 16 adjustable volume levels and an automatic silencer that reduces interference and noise from the environment.

With soft buttons it is very easy to use, while it has a voice activation system that allows children to talk on the walkie talkie more comfortably. And, to make their work easier, it has a call alert system that warns when a communication is established and up to 10 tones so that they can choose the one they like best. In addition, it includes a channel blocking function to prevent strangers from contacting children through this medium. And it’s drop resistant! So that it will accompany the little ones at home for a long time.

7. Walkie talkie Wishouse M8

Are you looking for a walkie talkie to communicate with the children during the holidays in the mountains? This Wishouse model is ideal since, in addition to including 8 channels, it has a range of up to one kilometer indoors and up to 3 kilometers outdoors. Its biggest advantage, though, is its auto-squelch sound system that reduces interference and minimizes surrounding noise so kids can enjoy louder, clearer sound.

In addition, it is very easy to use since it has a channel scanning system to find the available options, as well as hands-free so that children can use their hands for other tasks while they talk. Being made with ecological and quality materials, it is not only safe, but it is also very resistant to falls and the passage of time. And so that the little ones can use it even at night, it comes with a built-in flashlight. It is worth noting that the pack includes three walkie talkies, a USB charger and rechargeable AA batteries.