The penguin, ostrich and duck are very different, but they have something in common; they are birds If you want to know what characteristics they share, we invite you to read this book.

There are many types of birds. In fact, there are more than 10,000 species. That’s a lot!

These are of all sizes and colors. Some birds fly and some don’t.

But what they do have in common is their feathers. Birds are the only animals that have feathers.

Birds have feathers for many reasons. The feathers allow them to maintain a stable temperature, it also allows them to fly and even get a partner.

Some birds like ducks, geese and swans love to spend the day on the water. These are known as waterfowl.

Others love to spend their time on land and don’t fly. Examples of these are ostriches and penguins.

Ostriches are the largest birds and also the fastest. They can grow up to 3 meters tall and run at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

Other birds soar high into the sky, looking for animals to eat the sharp nails of birds of prey are known as talons. The claws help them capture their prey.

So, if your favorite bird is a Cardinal, Eagle or Parrot, remember that all birds have one thing in common, their feathers!!!