The birth certificate: everything you need to know

One of the first procedures you must do when a new member of the family arrives is to get their birth certificate. The birth certificate or birth certificate is an official document issued by the Civil Registry or the corresponding Consular Officer to certify the birth of a child. Therefore, it is the document that confirms the birth for legal purposes.

When Is the birth certificate processed?

From the civil point of view, the birth occurs when it takes place, but for legal purposes it is not recognized until its registration in the Civil Registry is processed . This registration must be done within a maximum period of 72 hours in the Health Center where it took place or within 10 days from the birth, if you go to the Civil Registry of your locality.

Only in exceptional cases, the term can be extended to 30 days. After this time, if you have not processed the registration, you must do so before the person in charge of the corresponding Civil Registry.

What documents do you need to process the birth certificate?

To register Before the authorities, you must present:

  1. Document proving the birth issued by the Health Center.
  2. National Identity Document (DNI) of the parents.
  3. Family book or marriage certificate or “Declaration” of paternity contained in the official form.

What information does the birth certificate offer?

Basically, The birth certificate contains the information about the birth of the child and its registration. This document must contain the names and surnames of the child, as well as those of their parents, and the date and time of their birth. The sex of the newborn and their affiliation are also specified.

The birth certificate also includes the record from which it comes, the data of the original entry. Likewise, it must contain the date, the name, the signature of the person managing the procedure and the seal of the office.

What types of birth certificate are there?

Depending on the purpose for which the birth certificate is required, several types can be requested:

1. Positive Certificate:

  • Literal: It consists of a literal copy of the birth registration that certifies the registration. It contains all the data related to identity and birth.
  • Extract: This is a summary of the basic information about the birth that appears in the Civil Registry. In turn, the extract can be requested in the following formats:
    • Ordinary or bilingual: It is issued in Spanish in those communities whose only official language is Spanish. If there is another official language in the Autonomous Community, a bilingual one is issued.
    • International or multilingual: It is issued to take effect in the countries that have ratified the Vienna Convention of September 8, 1976. This certificate is issued in the official language of all the signatory countries of the aforementioned agreement.

2. Negative Certificate:

  • Certifies that the registration is not found in that Civil Registry.

Request birth certificate

For what procedures is the birth certificate useful?

The birth certificate not only recognizes the birth of the child for legal purposes but is also necessary for various procedures later. In fact, one of the main reasons why you should request a birth certificate is to obtain the child’s National Identity Document (DNI) and passport for the first time.

It is also an essential requirement to apply for paternity leave, to enroll the child in a municipal nursery and to enroll him in a school. In addition, you will need this document to apply for financial assistance for birth or adoption, as well as in the case of large families, single parents or mothers with disabilities.

When the As a child grows up, you will also need the birth certificate if you decide to get married, work in an official body or abroad, access certain social benefits or receive an inheritance.

How to request the birth certificate?

The request for the birth certificate can only be made at the Civil Registry where the birth and registration took place. You can do it in person, by ordinary mail or through the Internet, with and without a digital certificate. For the application you must present:

  • Family Book or Book
  • Full name and D.N.I. from whom you request the certificate

In addition, you must specify the type of certificate you require, whether it is an extract, a literal or a negative, and the purpose for which which you request, as well as the full name of the child and their date and place of birth.

How long does it take to issue the birth certificate?

The term for receiving the certificate of birth will vary depending on the delivery method you have chosen:

  • In the case of sending by post, the term is about 15 days.
  • In the case of face-to-face delivery, the Civil Registry will indicate the date from which you can pick up the document at its facilities.
  • In the case of application with the electronic seal of the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries, the electronic birth certificate will be issued immediately.

It is worth clarifying that this procedure is completely free.