horror stories for kids

María Luisa arrived at the house of Dr. Reyes and his wife at around 7 at night. She had been hired to look after the couple’s two children while they dined at a fancy restaurant in town.

Dr. Reyes opened the door and let him know that the children were asleep. Likewise, Mrs. Reyes asked her to stay in the living room, near the children’s room, in case any of them woke up.

The couple said goodbye and María Luisa went to the living room and sat down to play on her cell phone. After a while, he got bored and called his parents to find out if it was possible to watch television:

“Of course,” said Dr. Reyes.

However, Maria Luisa had one final request; He asked them if he could cover the clown statue that stood in a corner of the room with a blanket, because every time he looked at the huge statue with creepy eyes, he had the feeling that the statue was moving slowly.

For a few seconds there was an awkward silence. In a voice of terror, Dr. Reyes said:

“Wake up the children and get out of the house immediately!” WE DO NOT HAVE ANY STATUE OF A CLOWN.