Many marriages end in divorce due to the infidelity of one of the members of the couple. In this case, we want to refer to the infidelity that a father has committed and how this can directly and indirectly affect his daughter… It seems trivial, but it is not at all and you need to take it into account, especially if you are thinking of having an extramarital relationship or if you have already had one.

Being unfaithful to your daughter’s mother will mark your little girl’s heart in a very negative way and will also affect her mind and her present and future development. Yes, it is that serious.

you are his first love

It is worth remembering that a father is the first love of his little girl and the ideal man she will seek in her future. As a parent, you should think very carefully about who you are and what you want your daughter to look for in life. Your actions may do too much emotional damage for you to ignore it, or to think of yourself first before her.

Your daughter is your true love, she is the greatest treasure you have and for that, you owe her respect from the moment she is born. Do not be unfaithful to her mother because you will be creating a lot of pain and resentment in your family nucleus.

If your little girl sees her mother suffer, she will have negative feelings towards you and towards all men in the world.

Note: If you are a woman who has been cheated on by her husband, we advise you not to involve your children in this painful process. Do not tell them the details, nor speak ill of her father or the actions he has committed. Your kids don’t deserve this.

The damage of infidelity

An infidelity causes a lot of pain and suffering, wherever it comes from. A girl does not understand what has happened and does not understand how the man in her life has been able to do so much harm to her mother, who is also everything to her. She is her woman’s reference in the future… she will be her example to follow.

What we are discussing is intended to make both fathers and mothers reflect on this important issue. And that before being unfaithful you have to try to fix the marriage and if there is no salvation, then divorce by mutual agreement and thinking about the good of the children. But adding pain and suffering will only mark children for life.

Being unfaithful is losing trust and respect towards the other and towards oneself completely. It is breaking a promise of marriage to the couple, and this is not deserved by the couple, or the children, or ourselves.

A girl who grows up in an environment where infidelity is the order of the day, will do so with insecurities towards love relationships, will distrust everyone and feel jealousy that will become toxic and very harmful when she has a relationship. Is that really what you want for her?

What to do in case of infidelity

If you are suffering from your partner’s infidelity, then keep this in mind:

  • Ask an expert for help to help you overcome this adversity in the healthiest way possible so that it does not affect your children in any way, and that it does not affect you in your future relationships either.
  • If your children are having a hard time, you should also provide psychological help for the same reasons. That this fact does not mark their future.
  • Use forgiveness to heal your wounds from your partner’s infidelity. When you forgive you are not exempting yourself from guilt, you are only acting in the most intelligent way possible, freeing yourself from a pain that could cause you a lot of damage if you keep it.