horror stories for kids

Lucas walked into his new house after school, unloaded his backpack, and went to the kitchen. There he met a young woman.

—Hello, you must be Lucas, my name is Maria.

Then, Maria went to the refrigerator and asked if she wanted something to drink. Lucas nodded and sat down at the table with a book since he had to present a report for the reading class. Maria approached him, handing him a glass of water:

-What do you read? -I ask.

—“The house in darkness” —answered Lucas, without interest in continuing the conversation with the new maid. There was something about her that made him feel very uncomfortable.

“I had to read that book at school too,” Maria answered, “but I don’t like ghost stories.” I hope you don’t believe them either. I imagine you already know all the rumors about this house.

“Yes, I am aware of the rumors that this house is inhabited by ghosts.” But unlike my dad, they don’t care about me. I don’t believe in the supernatural,” Lucas replied bluntly, making his lack of interest in continuing the conversation even more evident, and added, “This place is a mess, can you please put away the things of the former owners and unpack our boxes?

So, Maria went into the living room and began to unpack. Lucas continued reading, finished the report and went to his room to take a nap. Half asleep, he heard Maria say goodbye from the door.

Approaching night, Lucas’s father came home from work. They both began to talk.

“Son, I think I’ll never get used to this place. Rumors that ghosts live here have me very worried,” said the father.

-Nothing of that! Dad, you’re the only one in this house who believes in such things. I don’t believe in ghosts and even Maria, the new maid, doesn’t believe in them either.

The father put his hand to his mouth and said in dismay:

“Son, pack your things right away, we have to go!”

“But why dad?” Lucas asked, surprised by his father’s strange reaction.

“Because I didn’t hire any maids.