Many of the elderly who are dying from the Coronavirus (Covid-19) were babies born in war. They are people who were born into a society plagued by a lack of humanity, without resources and struggling to survive, and on top of that now they die because of a pandemic, alone, without a family hand to protect them. The death of our elderly should not be minimized.

We are all afraid

We are all afraid, and the elderly are too. They do not want to die, they are terrified of contracting the disease as you have of suffering from it or that your loved ones get it. Unfortunately, in these days of fear and weeks of uncertainty, we have witnessed when the virus had not yet spread much nor was it sufficiently known, how some media outlets tried to calm the population by saying that they should not be too alarmed as the virus only attacked and was deadliest in the elderly.

“It only kills the elderly”! Those same old people who have fought all their lives so that you, I and all of us who now have children are alive and have rights because they protected us and now they would give us life if necessary so that we are always well.

If it were the other way around

It is necessary to stop and reflect because if it were the other way around, if it were us or the youngest who were vulnerable, those same old people and our parents, they would be thinking a thousand ways to protect and take care of ourselves daily. It would never occur to them to minimize our death because they could be out of danger.

They deserve that same respect. They deserve our care and protection and it is for them that we must stay home, it is for them that we must resist in the face of this public and economic health crisis that is hitting us hard.

Societies that minimize the lives of the elderly and that the life of a younger person is prioritized… it is clear that they have entered a period of very great crisis. It can only be stopped if we all stay at home, because the collateral damage can be much larger than people think.

Old woman alone with Coronavirus Covid-19

Wrinkles are wisdom of the soul

We live in a society where people they focus on trying to look young all the time without thinking that aging gracefully is the best way to grow old. People who only care about gray hair or their wrinkles because they want to appear perfect will only expose their souls to free fall into the abyss of ignorance.

People don’t just run away from gray hair and wrinkles, they run away from what comes with them: old age. That old age that was previously despised or that was not felt as something close. But each and every one of us, if we are lucky, will reach old age.

The elderly need us

The elderly of our society need us and we must not forget that we are what we are today thanks to them, thanks to what they built with their effort when we were dependent. Now our elders need society to watch over them, not to let them die, they are also afraid of the virus, they also need you to fight against this.

There have been days when those of us who have felt falsely safe thinking that this virus was not with us. But suddenly that has changed when the statistics have begun to show numbers of seriously infected and deceased, of young people and without previous pathologies. When these elderly people are dying, it is not the law of life… they die because this virus has appeared in society.

They are dying because of a virus that, if it did not exist, they would continue breathing and would continue by our side. No matter how long you have lived, your life is just as important. We cannot let a society move forward when money matters more than human life or health.

This fight belongs to everyone, it is not something individual… it is collective survival. Suffering also belongs to everyone. It is your duty to stay home. Let’s stop thinking selfishly for once and think of all of us as a unit… only then will we have the necessary strength to fight this pandemic.