christmas menu

There is an indisputable protagonist in Christmas celebrations around the world and that is gastronomy . In Spain the typical Christmas dishes vary according to the regions but the same sweets appear on all Spanish tables: nougat, marzipan and polvorones.

Babynamesforgirls has traveled the world in search of the best Christmas recipes , so we just have to light the stove and surprise the whole family. Here you have up to 3 different Christmas menus around the world .

3 different Christmas menus around the world

Here is a small sample of different Christmas menus around the world:

Christmas turkey  :  Without a doubt, the star dish of Christmas around the world is turkey. There is no country that does not resist this Christmas delicacy in all its versions, but especially filling. A custom of uncertain origin, although the United States is the place that has popularized this dish the most. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Peru, Colombia, Mexico or El Salvador add to this exquisite Christmas turkey recipe. 7 Mexican Christmas Food for Dinner.


Christmas gingerbread cookies  :  Another internationalized Christmas delight are butter cookies, gingerbread cookies and different flavors shaped like Santa Claus, stars, angel, reindeer, or little man (as is the case with gingerbread) , that children love both eating and cooking.

Panettone  :  In the Christmas kitchen we cannot forget the delicious Panetton e that, coming from Italy, has traveled the world to go to the Christmas menu of countries like Argentina, Venezuela or Peru.

Typical Christmas dishes by country

On the Christmas Eve of Argentina family you can not lack a good roast, but also a fresh salad and dumplings, while in Chile digest their favorite dessert, the Easter bread with a good swig of Cola de Mono. In Venezuela they eat Hallaca for Christmas, which consists of a meat stew wrapped in a cornmeal dough and the Sancocho soup.

The star dish in Bolivian Christmas is the Picana , a soup with a particular flavor that mixes the spicy and the sweet made with chicken, beef, corn, tomato, potato, onion, carrot and corn. In Puerto Rico you cannot miss the Arroz con Gandules or the meat pies wrapped in banana leaves. And in Mexico there is no Christmas table without its pozole , a corn and meat soup whose origin dates back to the first settlers.