When thinking about building things, the mind and the hands are taken into account. The mind gives the orders and the hands build… But not everything is created that way, when it comes to building a family, what matters most to carry it out is love and the heart.

There are many types of families, but the happiest are those that think of each other as a nucleus. The joint well-being is above all else, and above all, that of the smallest members of the household is prioritized. Empathy, love, assertiveness, respect, compassion and security are fundamental pillars for a family to evolve in total happiness.

The family

There is a lot of diversity when it comes to creating a family nucleus: a single mother with one or more children, a single father with one or more children, two fathers with one or more children, two mothers with one or more children, a union of polyamory with one or more children, grandparents raising grandchildren, stepfamilies, etc. Each and every family is valid and it is necessary to build a home based on respect and love. Where the little ones will grow and develop as people.

The family is not only the one that lives together in a home, there is also the extended family that is just as important. We refer to uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. Figures of great weight for the life, upbringing and education of the smallest of the house.

But to build a good family you don’t need a big house, or a 7-seater car, or have more money than anyone else. What matters is what is sometimes most lacking in homes: time and unconditional love.

Whenever you want to form a family, you think about the economic capacity to meet the expenses of having one or more children. But what really matters and is needed is a lot of love in your heart and finding time to give your children your full attention.

You may have financial capacity right now, but you do not know if tomorrow you will have financial problems. What matters is how you will face that situation and if you really have enough resilience to teach it to your children, always with love and a positive and realistic attitude in the circumstances you are experiencing.

Functional family vs dysfunctional family

A family is not just living with people with whom you are linked by blood (or not, in the case of adopted children). Is much more. It is thinking about the development of children, prioritizing their well-being today so that tomorrow they will be an emotionally balanced person. But it is not always so easy, especially when the parents themselves have emotional imbalances or great affective deficiencies that they have not dealt with.

When we talk about a functional family, we are talking about a family that guarantees the proper development of its members in every way, especially emotionally and psychologically. In the case of dysfunctional families, we are referring to the fact that the parents’ daily behavior negatively affects the comprehensive development of the little ones and even the emotional well-being of other family members.

That is why it is so important to work to be a functional family, that type of family in which all the members matter and that cares for the well-being of each and every one of them.

you can be a happy family

If you want your family to enjoy moments of happiness and for children to grow up knowing that they are loved, then you must keep these three maxims in mind:

  1. Share moments together every day
  2. Talk about how the day went and encourage good communication from the deepest respect and affection
  3. Take care of the small details and enjoy the daily moments

Life goes by too fast to waste it with bad manners or with conflicting or tense moments. Always think of building your family from love and heart and the good times will come by themselves.