In a land far away, a princess was enjoying the cool afternoon breeze outside her family’s palace. She carried with her a small golden ball that was her most prized possession. While playing, he threw it so high that he lost sight of it and the ball rolled into a pond. The princess began to cry uncontrollably. Then a little frog jumped out of the pond.

“What’s up beautiful princess?” asked the frog.

The princess wiped her tears and said:

“My favorite golden ball is lost at the bottom of the pond, and nothing will bring it back to me.”

The frog tried to comfort the princess, assuring her that he could get the golden ball back if she granted him a single favor.

-Anything! I will give you all my jewels, handfuls of gold and even my clothes! exclaimed the princess.

The frog explained that he had no need of riches, and that in return he only asked that the princess allow him to eat from her plate and sleep in her room.

The idea of ​​sharing a plate and a room with a frog greatly displeased the princess, but she accepted thinking that the frog would never find its way to the palace.

The frog dove into the pond and in the blink of an eye he had retrieved the ball.

The next morning, the princess found the frog waiting for her at the palace gate.

“I have come to claim what was promised,” said the frog.

Hearing this, the princess ran to her father, crying. When the kind king heard of the promise, he said:

-A promise is a promise. Now, you must let the frog stay here.

The princess was very angry, but she had no choice but to let the frog stay. That was how the frog ate from his plate and slept on his pillow. At the end of the third night, the princess, tired of the presence of the unwelcome guest, got out of bed and threw the frog on the floor. Then the frog proposed a deal:

“If you give me a kiss, I will disappear forever,” said the frog.

The very disgusted princess planted a kiss on the bony forehead of the frog and exclaimed:

“I’ve done my part, now leave immediately.”

Suddenly, a cloud of white smoke filled the room. To the princess’ surprise, the frog was really a handsome prince trapped by an evil witch’s curse. Her kiss had freed him from a life of loneliness and sadness. The princess and prince became instant friends, after a few years they got married and lived happily ever after.