horror stories for kids

Once upon a time there was a girl and her name was Ana. She always wore a red silk ribbon tied around her neck in a very tight knot. Since she was in fifth grade, Ana had a friend whose name was Juan.

Now, they were both about to finish high school and Juan, as before, wanted to know why Ana always wore the red silk ribbon.

—Ana, please tell me why you always wear that headband.

Ana just shook her head gently without answering.

Some time later, Ana and Jaime became boyfriends and after a few years they got married. Ana gave birth to 2 beautiful children. The children also asked her about her tape, but she answered evasively. Tired of not receiving an answer, they did not touch the subject again.

They lived like this for many years until one day Ana became seriously ill and said between sobs:

—Jaime, I feel like I’m going to leave this world soon. Do you still want to know why I always wear the red ribbon tied around my neck?

Jaime nodded, wiped the tears from his eyes and hugged her.

“Take the tape off me so I can know the answer,” Ana said.

It was then that Jaime brought his trembling hands to Ana’s neck and slowly untied the tight knot.

The very moment Jaime loosened the tape completely…

Ana’s head fell to the ground!