He is cuckold… without having horns

The great horned owl doesn’t actually have horns! What you see on their head are feathers similar to horns or cat ears, which makes them look very intimidating to their enemies. This nocturnal bird lives in the American continent and is considered one of the largest owl species in America after the great gray owl. Its gray, cream and brown feathers serve to camouflage itself among the branches of the trees.

The great horned owl is a bird of prey that hunts at night. Its huge yellow or orange eyes allow it to find its prey in the dark, its excellent sense of hearing alerts it to even the slightest sound.

The diet of these great owls is very varied, consisting of rodents such as rats and squirrels, even rabbits, skunks and geese. Like other owls, these birds sometimes swallow their prey whole, then regurgitate balls of bone, fur, and other undigested parts.

Fun facts

  • The females nest in holes in tree trunks or nests abandoned by other birds. The male takes care of providing food while the female warms the eggs.
  • Great Horned Owls are excellent parents, they ferociously attack any animal or human that comes near their eggs or chicks.
  • Great Horned Owls observe their prey from the top of a tree. Their attack is surprising, thanks to their light feathers, they fly undetected.
  • The great horned owl generally lives in forests, but being highly adaptable, it can also live in the desert, swamps and even in the city.
  • The female and male are physically similar, except that the female is larger than the male.