The importance of the father during pregnancy

It is true that we are the women who carry the baby in our womb. It develops within our being. We have to take care of our health to take care of our little one in formation. The good and bad symptoms of pregnancy are suffered by us. Pregnant women also sacrifice their bodies and their health in many cases to give life to their little one. We go through childbirth or cesarean section and postpartum recovery, which in many cases is difficult.

Yes, we women have a priority role in terms of pregnancy, but in all this process of ups and downs that lasts 9 months, the father is also very important. The obvious cannot be denied! Their emotional support, their presence and their help become fundamental, especially when the pregnant woman is in advanced pregnancy.

They are also part

Some parents think that pregnancy is not for them, but nothing could be further from the truth! They must feel involved because although they do not carry the being inside their womb nor do they have to go through childbirth and postpartum, that life that is gestated within the woman’s uterus is also part of them.

It is important for parents to form a bond with their children from pregnancy, because this will ensure that the bond is strengthened in the future. A pregnant woman needs emotional security and that the father must always provide. Parents can avoid many of the fears that the mother may experience during pregnancy and prevent her from having anxiety. They need to accept the woman’s changing identity and the physical and even psychological problems she may have.

The pregnant woman needs emotional support

If the woman feels emotionally supported during the pregnancy, you’re less likely to experience postpartum depression, but if you don’t, your chances increase. Babies in the womb can’t tell the difference between their mother’s feelings and their own and, therefore, your feelings can directly affect the health and well-being of your developing baby.

A father who abuses or neglects his pregnant wife is creating one of the most dangerous emotional and physical experiences for his son yet to be born. If the pregnant woman is in an abusive relationship, she must find a safe place for the sake of her child and her future well-being.

Babies born into unhappy marriages are five times more likely to be more fearful and nervous than babies born into happy relationships. The way fathers treat mothers and their unborn babies can have a direct effect on shaping their children’s personality and character.

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The role of parents

Parents should learn to support the pregnant woman through massage, telling her appropriate things during the pregnancy and childbirth. They can become a great source of stability and security throughout this process. Women who have good emotional support (partner, doula, mothers, etc.) during childbirth need fewer interventions , they have shorter deliveries and they feel a greater general satisfaction with the entire experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

Babies in the womb are aware and need to feel loved from the first moment. Therefore, parents should talk to their babies while they are in the womb with all their affection and love constantly. Babies are able to recognize the voices they had heard in the womb once they are born. If the father spoke lovingly to the fetus, the baby will form an emotional connection with the father. Dad’s voice may have a soothing and calming effect on the baby because the familiar sound lets the baby know that he is safe.

Parents should be encouraged to recognize the powerful feelings that arise as involved during pregnancy and childbirth and allowing your new identity as a parent to emerge.