Choosing the name of your future baby can be a complicated task. We help you by proposing a list of compound names for children.

If you are in the final stretch of the end of pregnancy and the only thing left to decide is the name of your child, you are in the right place. We have prepared a list of the   most classic and popular compound names for boys , along with their meanings.

There are parents who are looking for a simpler name, but there are others for whom one falls short. It is also possible that they are between two, and that is why they decide to use this type of names. Whatever the reason, our selection will inspire you.

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There are several factors when choosing the name of your future child. Some of them are: that it fits well with the surname, that it be more original, or on the contrary, more classic, that people can easily pronounce it…

In addition, there are many cases in which parents decide to follow the family tradition and choose for their child the name of the grandparents, or of themselves, and combine them. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for compound names for boys, keep reading!

Charles Albert

As you can see in this list, Carlos is a name that is used a lot to form compound nouns, both in the first position (as in this case) and in the second position. This compound name is made up of two names with great personality and strength, whose origin is Germanic.

Carlos Daniel

Carlos comes from the Germanic  cheorl,  whose meaning is  free man. The name Daniel comes from Hebrew and means  God is my judge. These two names form a perfect match!

Charles David

We have already talked about both the origin and the meaning of Carlos. Now we go with David, a name of Hebrew origin that means  beloved  or  favorite. 

Juan Carlos

In this case, Carlos comes second, preceded by Juan, a very popular name that comes from Hebrew and whose meaning is  faithful to God. A compound name with a great sonority!

John Joseph

Another compound name headed by the traditional name Juan, but this time followed by José. Of Hebrew origin, it derives from  ôsef  and means  God will provide. They say that this combination of names inspires great confidence!

Jose Antonio

José is a very frequent name, and in this case it is linked to Antonio, another quite familiar name but with a mysterious and unknown Etruscan origin. This compound name is stylish and attractive.

Francisco Javier

The following of the compound names for boys is very original, since it combines Francisco, of Germanic origin, with Javier, a name of Basque origin that comes from the Basque word  etcheberri,  which means  one who lives in a new house . We could say that this tandem is quite original and that it is made up of two names that never go out of style.

Louis Edward

Luis has Germanic origin and means  illustrious in combat,  Eduardo has Anglo-Saxon origin and means  the guardian of wealth. 

Miguel Angel

Michael, of Hebrew origin, and whose meaning is  who is like God?, is joined with Angel, from the Latin Angelus  and whose meaning is  messenger. The Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo may have had a hand in the popularity of this name.

Victor Manuel

We finish our list of compound names for boys with Víctor Manuel. The name Victor comes from the Latin  victoris  and means  winner. On the other hand, Manuel has Hebrew origin and its meaning is  God is with us. 

If this list has not been enough for you, keep looking for more compound names for boys. There are countless: José Ángel, Juan Manuel, Álvaro Francisco, José Luis, Andrés Felipe…