Once upon a time there was a proud king who lived with his three beautiful daughters. One day he asked them how much they loved him. The eldest daughter replied:

“I love you more than gold and silver.”

The second daughter replied:

“I love you more than diamonds, rubies, and pearls.”

The youngest daughter replied:

“I love you more than salt.”

The king became angry with his youngest daughter for comparing his love to a common spice, and banished her from his kingdom.

An elderly court cook, she had heard it all and took the princess in, teaching her how to cook and taking care of her humble cabin. The young woman was a good worker and never complained. Still, every time she thought of her father, her heart ached for having misunderstood his love.

Many years later, the king summoned the most noble and wealthy to a banquet in celebration of his birthday. When the king’s youngest daughter heard the news, she asked the old cook to let her cook for the king and the guests.

On the day of the majestic party, one exquisite dish after another was served until there was no room left on the table. Everything was prepared to perfection, and all the attendees praised the cook. The king anxiously awaited his favorite dish, which looked delicious, but when he tasted it he was filled with anger:

“This dish has no salt,” he said, “bring me the cook.”

Then the youngest daughter appeared before her father who, without recognizing her, asked:

“How can you forget to put salt on my favorite dish?”

The young princess replied serenely:

—One day you banished your youngest daughter for comparing love to salt. However, your affection flavored his life, just as salt flavors your plate. Hearing these words, the king recognized his daughter.

Embarrassed, he begged her to forgive him and agree to return to the palace. Never again did he doubt his daughter’s love.

And colorin colorado this story is over.