The quality of education comes from the heart

Today we are used to seeing more and more alternative pedagogies. There are many educational centers that are created with specific alternative pedagogies, many groups that talk about how an alternative pedagogy is better than any other and above all above traditional pedagogy as well as being better than any other educational process. Education is biased by pedagogies.

The reality is that there are many alternative pedagogies that are becoming fashionable, that are sold as if it were the panacea of ​​education and that all fathers and mothers ‘should’ follow in order to be ‘good’ parents and educate their children correctly.

It is necessary to bear in mind that following an alternative pedagogy, or even the traditional one, will not make you a better professional or a better father or mother. There are people who come across an alternative pedagogy and who ‘ try to see what happens’ because it’s fashionable or because ‘my friends have done very well’. It is likely that many of these pedagogies have good values ​​and that their educational objectives are adequate, but it does not depend on them that you are a good professional or a good father or mother.

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Education comes from the heart

Education and good practice are not born from alternative pedagogies or from practicing a specific game of a specific alternative pedagogy. Education does not come with an instruction manual, there are no rules that you must follow to get it right… there is no ‘lifestyle’ you need to follow or ‘philosophy’ you need to burn into your skin to get good results.

Cons alternative pedagogies

A person who does not feel teaching in his heart and the love of education does not matter if it teaches an alternative pedagogy that turns out to be wonderful or not, it is likely that its results will not be what everyone expects. On the other hand, a person who, for example, teaches education within the traditional system but who does have a vocation for teaching and respect for others and oneself in his heart, is more than likely to be able to achieve wonders with children, adults or anyone you are teaching.

Same goes for parents

Same goes for children. parents regarding the education given to their children. You will not be a better father or a better mother by preparing your home for the arrival of your baby following the guidelines of a pedagogy or by following a specific upbringing of a specific method. What will make you a good father or mother is to respect your child and feel their needs to know how to attend to them, but do it with your heart and not because you have read it in the ‘instructions’ of a pedagogy that you have decided continue.

It is clear that there is currently a lot of information that nourishes us and makes us decide which path is better, it helps us in the education of our children and that they can develop emotionally stable. And this is fine, no doubt. But for education to be effective it must come from the heart of people, it must respect the other and whoever teaches education must respect himself. But teaching children does not come from an instruction book, because you don’t have to have a philosophy behind it or follow a specific ‘lifestyle’ to do it ‘right’.

It is possible that at some point in your life you need guidance and even help from a professional, and you should choose the path that makes you feel better as a father or mother, and that path will be the right one if your children are happy and develop healthily, whatever it is, because it is in your heart to do it well and that is already the right thing to do.