Aztec legend tells that the god Quetzalcóatl left his feathered serpent appearance to become a common man and thus be able to explore the Earth.

The god was so amazed by the beautiful landscapes that he kept walking until the sky darkened and was filled with stars. Tired and hungry, he stopped by the side of the road.

A rabbit passed by his side and asked:

-You are well?

“No, I feel very tired and hungry,” replied the god.

Unaware that he was speaking to a deity, the rabbit quickly offered to share his food with Quetzalcoatl.

“Thank you, but I don’t eat plants,” said the god to the rabbit.

The little animal felt very sorry for the traveler:

—I have nothing more to offer you, I am an insignificant creature and you need to regain your strength, please eat me and resume your journey.

The god, moved by the noble gesture of the little creature, returned to his feathered serpent form and held the rabbit so high that its reflection was forever reflected in the moon.

Then, he returned the rabbit to Earth and said:

—You are not an insignificant creature, your portrait painted in the moonlight will tell all men the story of your goodness.