Christmas, one of the times of the year that the little ones look forward to the most, is just around the corner. This year we will probably have to do without gatherings with the whole family, but we can still give the little ones a fun Christmas with new toys. Once again, cinema and television set trends among the youngest at home, although there are also classic toys that have been renewed to win hearts again. Like every year, as it is the star of Christmas toys, we recommend that you order them in time because if you wait until the last minute, it is likely that you will not find stock.

Toys to give back the illusion to the little ones at home

1. City Life modern house, from Playmobil

For this Christmas, the classic Playmobil toy returns once again, but this time in the form of a modern house. It is a beautiful two-story house with a balcony and terrace and a wide variety of figures and accessories so that the little ones can let their imagination run wild. The house has a bell and exterior lighting, as well as a mailbox in front of the entrance that is easily opened by simply pulling it forward. To add a more realistic touch, all the doors can be opened. In total, it includes 137 pieces, a house, 2 figures and 134 accessories.

2. Robot 2.0 Bottley, from Learning Resources

If kids are into robotics and technology, this Learning Resources toy will make a great Christmas gift. It is a remote-controlled coding robot that can move in six directions, play music and put on a light show that will amaze everyone. In addition, it can transform into 16 different objects, from a train and police car to a ghost, an authentic transformer. Its encoders can create sequences of up to 150 steps, so it will give children many hours of fun and entertainment.

3. Buyger doctor’s bag with accessories

Little ones at home who dream of becoming a doctor will be delighted with this Buyger doctor set. Ideal for encouraging role play from a young age, it includes a doctor’s gown so they can embody the character, as well as a briefcase with all the tools they need. From a stethoscope that emits the heartbeat, a flashlight and an otoscope that emits light to a syringe and thermometer. It also includes a dentist kit with a mouth mirror, dental floss and a tooth hook, as well as a toy set of teeth to put their skills to the test.

4. Tacobear Coloring Dinosaurs

If the little ones at home are passionate about the world of dinosaurs, they will love this dinosaur painting kit. It is a set with 4 different types of 3D dinosaurs, made of plastic, which come completely white so that children can let their imagination run wild and customize them as they please. To do this, the set also includes 6 pots with paints and brushes so they can get down to work. And, so that they can decorate their notebooks or Christmas cards, it also includes very cool dinosaur stickers .

5. Remote control car, by Baztoy

This multifunction stunt car can be turned into an excellent Christmas gift for the little ones at home. It has a very cool futuristic design, inspired by off-road cars, which makes it a perfect vehicle to play both indoors and outdoors. Another advantage? It has four-wheel drive and can go forwards or backwards, while it has an independent signal and anti-interference technology that allows it to be driven alongside other cars without any problems. It is worth noting that it is rechargeable, it includes a battery so that children can play with it for a long time.

6. Science4you Paleontologist Set

Perfect for children who are curious about the world of paleontology, this Science4you stamp set has everything they need to get started in this science. This is a scientific kit that includes 4 excavation blocks, a chisel and a fossil hammer. In addition, it contains 46 pieces that children must find to shape 4 different types of dinosaurs. The experience is completed by an educational book in 8 languages with which children can learn a little more about these species and discover why the dinosaurs became extinct.

7. VTech Kidizoom Duo DX Camera

This children’s digital camera is a perfect gift for this Christmas. Ideal for young photography enthusiasts, it includes a wide variety of functions: you can take photos, videos, view files, add stamps and fancy effects, and make collages to personalize photos and videos. In addition, it allows you to play music, includes 5 games and has different settings, from brightness, volume and resolution to wallpaper and parental control. And to add extra fun, it incorporates a “snap” function, which allows you to detect faces and play with augmented reality effects, as well as add special effects and take photos in burst mode.

8. Train Set, from Tiny Land

Another classic that cannot be missed at Christmas are trains, like this beautiful train set from Tiny Land. It is a wooden train made up of 60 pieces that includes tracks, a magnetic crane, trucks, removable containers, oil tank cars and many other accessories so that children can give a personalized touch to the track. Made with quality materials and without toxic paints, the set adapts to the most popular brands of trains so that you can grow the children’s railway without much effort.

9. Double Harry Potter, from Zygomatic

Dobble Harry Potter is a card game based on speed, observation and reflexes. Inspired by the Harry Potter saga, players must compete to find the matching character, item, fantastical beast or symbol among the cards. The challenge? Each card is unique and only has one symbol in common with any other card in the deck, which can vary in size or position, so finding it will not be an easy task. Ideal for little fans of the adventures of the magical world of Harry Potter, it is a perfect gift for this Christmas.

10. Ravensburger GraviTrax StarterSet Speed ​​Construction Set

If you are looking for a game to keep the little ones at home entertained for many hours, this GraviTrax construction game is perfect. It consists of a marble run from the future that defies the principles of magnetism, kinetics and gravity. A game with which the little ones can explore these concepts by expanding their circuit of marbles almost to infinity. The set contains 2 magnetic cannons, 2 spirals, a looping, a flip, tunnels, 2 transparent platforms, 10 plastic rails and many other pieces with which kids can unleash their dexterity and creativity.

11. Avialogic Q9s drone

Little fans of airplanes and helicopters will surely love having this children’s drone for Christmas. It is a drone equipped with a night light that has a color change function to give an authentic light show at nightfall. However, its biggest advantage for children is that it is very easy to manipulate since it can take off and land with the push of a button. In addition, it has multiple functions: it has three types of flight, different speeds and 360º rotation. It includes two detachable long-lasting batteries that offer a flight experience of between 14 and 16 minutes.

12. The Cockroach by Ravensburger

This Ravensburger classic can become an excellent Christmas gift for the little ones at home. Basically, it is a board game based on agility, speed and observation, in which players must try to catch the cockroach that has appeared in the kitchen. The rules are simple: every time a player catches the cockroach he receives a token and, in the end, the first one to get 5 tokens wins. The set includes a game board, 4 traps, 24 plastic cutlery and hexbug nano with battery, 18 tokens, a dice and two stickers to decorate the board. Without a doubt, the little ones at home will love it.

13. LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Doll

With the LOL Surprise OMG fashion doll, this Christmas will be unforgettable for the little ones at home. It is a pack that includes two dolls, her eldest and her younger sister, impeccably dressed to outshine everyone in her path. In addition, it includes all kinds of accessories so that children can change the doll’s clothes, from clothes bags, shoes and shoe box to hat box, bag, brush and many other surprises. Without a doubt, children will have a blast playing with this doll while letting their imaginations run wild. It is worth noting that it is a collection that includes 4 different dolls.

14. The Mysterious Museum, by Devir

Do the little ones at home like escape rooms? Then they will be delighted with this board game from the Devir label. The game takes place in a museum, but not just any museum, it is a space where nothing is what it seems and by the time the players discover the mysteries that are hidden there, it will be too late and they will be hooked. The good news is that there is a way out, you just have to follow the clues and solve the crossroads to find the key that allows you to find the solution to each game. A game of agility and intelligence for which children will have to sharpen their senses and intuition.

15. Maze Ball Hobby by Games

With this pastime ball with a maze, children will be guaranteed many hours of play and fun. It is a ball with a labyrinth and a small steel ball inside. The object of the game? Move the plastic sphere to rotate the marble through the maze, although it is not as easy as it seems as there are spirals, springs, tunnels and many other obstacles along the way that will add a dose of complexity to the game. Without a doubt, an excellent gift for this Christmas with which children can improve their fine motor skills and skills.

16. Superthings Rivals of Kaboom Collectible Figures

The final battle between Professor K and Enigma has begun! Will Enigma be able to steal the Kazoom that Professor K has hidden in his lab? Keep in mind that the Robok 3000 that Professor K controls will try to eliminate him, so Enigma will have to avoid the hidden traps and reach the precious elixir. If he succeeds, the player will be able to use his airship to take the Kazoom away. Without a doubt, a very entertaining game with which fun is guaranteed. Includes a lab, ship, Robok 3000, and Enigma and Professor K figures.

17. The League, by Borrás

Little soccer fans will love having this board game at Christmas. Recommended for children over 10 years old, it is a skill game in which the players will have to become the manager of their own soccer team. To do this they will have to buy and sell players to form the best team in the world. Obviously, the one that manages to form the best team will be the one that will take home the trophy. Will the children be ready to manage the best players in Spanish football? Without a doubt, it is a different and fun board game that the little ones will love.

18. Mountain bike, from Bikestar

If you are looking for a bike with pedals to give to children this Christmas, this Bikestar model is an excellent alternative. It is made of aluminium, so it is very light and easy to carry, while having a steel frame makes it resistant over time. Another point in your favor? It has a height and inclination adjustable handlebar and saddle, so that it can be adapted to the height of the little one as he grows. In addition, it is very stable and has an ergonomic seat that allows children to maintain a proper posture at all times.

19. Lego City Police

Lego toys, like this police station, are always a sure bet at Christmas. Ideal for kids who like to play cop to catch crooks, it has everything they need to set up their very own police station. It includes a mobile control center that has a detachable cockpit, cell with release function and space for two figures, as well as a surveillance room with screens, satellite dish, desk, chair and parking space. In addition, he has a police motorcycle, the crooks’ quad and, of course, two lawmen, two crooks and a police dog.

20. Floating Soccer Ball by Baztoy

With this floating ball from Baztoy, children will be able to play soccer indoors without fear of breaking anything. It is a floating ball made of premium quality plastic and rounded edges with foam protection that not only cares for children’s feet but also furniture and walls. Its fan system allows it to fly and hover over flat surfaces, so it works on marble, ceramic and wood floors, but also on rugs or low-pile rugs and on grass. In addition, it comes equipped with LED lights that attract the attention of the little ones in the dark, while it includes a new recharge function that provides greater performance and many hours of fun.