It’s impossible not to get the guffaws from this adorable 16-month-old who bursts out laughing when his father performs magic tricks on him with a napkin. 

His father, Omer Abadan, is 22 years old, a native of Bunde (Germany), and the father of Ayaz, the baby who is the protagonist of this viral moment that has everyone in love. And is not for less! It will surely make your day.

Ever since he taught his son the magic trick, Ayaz has been fascinated and is looking forward to seeing more tricks, and even tries his own at times.

“My son is a very positive baby and he loves to play with me, so he is always happy when I come home from work and laughs at my tricks,” Omer explained to Europa Press.

Laughter and laughter in babies

Few things make our souls happy as seeing our children smile and laugh. In the first weeks of life, babies show us an angelic smile that, although it melts us with love, is nothing more than a spontaneous and reflex movement of the lips for no reason. Later, between the fourth and sixth week of life, their first smile arrives , a social smile in response to a stimulus from the father or mother.

Little by little, in response to stimuli, cuddles and caresses, he will add sounds to the smile and accompany it with a movement of his hands and legs. And later, around four months, she will start to laugh out loud when they experience situations that make her laugh, like bouncing a ball or games of hide and seek like peek-a-boo .

The laughter of babies is extremely contagious , as they have a particular guttural sound, and they are continuous, without stopping laughing until they almost run out of air. Added to this is the repetition that young children like so much , asking for the same thing over and over again.

What is capable of making your babies laugh the most tender?