At the beginning of time, when the Earth was still very young, the toad had smooth skin. In those days the toad was such a party animal that it was almost impossible to find him in his own house. If someone had a party he would show up, no matter how far it was from his house or how long it took him to get there.

One day, the toad found out that there was a party in the sky and decided to go.

“How are you going to get to heaven without being able to fly?” said his friend, the armadillo. With your weight, no bird will carry you piggyback.

“You’ll see how I manage to go to the party,” answered the toad.

Not far from the toad house lived a fiddler vulture who was very unpopular with all birds and beasts. The toad went to visit him.

“Good morning, friend,” said the toad. Are you going to attend the party in heaven?

The vulture replied that he did plan to attend.

-How good! said the toad. May I have the pleasure of your company for the journey?

The vulture was happy that someone was interested in his presence. For him it was a new experience.

“Of course I do, I’d love to go to the party with you,” answered the vulture. At what time do we meet?

“Come to my house at four, make sure you take your violin with you,” said the toad.

At four o’clock the vulture arrived at the toad’s house bringing his violin with him, only because the toad had asked him to bring it.

“I’m not quite ready to go,” cried the toad. Leave your violin by the door and go inside. It’ll take me a minute to fix myself.

The vulture placed his violin carefully by the door and entered the house. The toad jumped out the window and hid inside the violin.

The vulture waited and waited for the toad to clean up, but he didn’t hear a word from him. Finally getting tired of waiting, he picked up his violin and took flight.

So, the vulture arrived at the party a little late, having to explain to everyone that he had had to wait for the toad.

“How naive you are!” said the attendees. How do you think a toad can get to a party in the sky? Toads cannot fly. Put your violin in a corner and come to the banquet.

The vulture put down his violin. As soon as he was alone, the toad jumped out of hiding. Giggling from ear to ear, he said to himself, “So they thought I wouldn’t make it to the party! How surprised they will be to see me here!”

There was no one at the party who was as cheerful as the toad. When the vulture asked him how he got there, he replied:

“I’ll tell you some other day.”

The toad continued eating and dancing. However, the vulture did not have a very good time at the party and decided to go home early, without saying goodbye to his hosts and without taking his violin.

At the end of the party, the toad jumped into the violin and waited and waited for the vulture to take him home. No one picked up the violin and the toad began to get very worried. She almost wished she hadn’t been at the party.

After a while, the falcon noticed the violin:

“This violin belongs to the vulture, I’ll take it back to him.”

The falcon flew to earth with the violin, the toad jerked terribly within him. It was then that the falcon felt very tired.

I can’t keep carrying this heavy violin for another minute,” said the falcon. I shouldn’t have thought of returning it, the vulture is no friend of mine.

So, he dropped the violin. Down, down to earth fell.

“Oh, little stones, get out of my way,” said the toad as he fell. But the small stones had deaf ears and did not move out of the way.

When the toad emerged from the shattered violin, it was so covered in bruises and blemishes that it could hardly jump back home.

The vulture never knew what became of his violin or why the toad had lost his good looks and interest in parties. But this is the reason why, to this day, all toads are covered with spots.