Once upon a time there was a tsar who was very ill. One day he announced to his subjects:

–I will give half of my kingdom to whoever heals me!

So all the wise men got together to try to cure him, but none of them knew how to do it. One of them, the oldest, told them that he had the solution:

–If they find a happy man on Earth and put his shirt on the tsar, he will recover his health.

The tsar ordered his emissaries to search all over the world for a happy man. They went through all the countries, but they did not find what they were looking for. There was not a single man who was happy with his life. One was rich, but sick; another was healthy, but was poor. And the one who was rich and healthy, complained about his wife or his children. They all wanted something more and were not happy.

One day, the Tsar’s son passed in front of a humble hut and heard someone inside exclaim:

-Thanks to the life that I have worked, I have eaten well and now I can lie down to sleep. I am happy, what more can I wish for?

The Tsar’s son was overjoyed; He immediately ordered that the man’s shirt be brought to him to take to his father. It didn’t matter how much money the man asked for her.

The emissaries rushed into the happy man’s hut to take off his shirt, but the happy man was so poor that he did not even have a shirt.