This is the story of two little frogs. Both lived very happily in Japan, but in different cities; one lived in Kyoto and the other in Osaka.

One morning, the two little frogs woke up very bored and decided it was time to explore other places:

“Today I will leave for Osaka,” said the frog from Kyoto.

“Today I will travel to Kyoto,” said the frog from Osaka.

Unknowingly, the little frogs packed up their things at the same time and bounded up the mountain path that linked the two cities.

The trip turned out to be longer than planned and because of those things of destiny; the two little frogs, very exhausted, stopped at the top of the mountain.

Upon meeting, the two little frogs looked at each other excitedly. They then greeted each other and struck up a conversation. That was how they knew where they were going.

I’m going to Osaka! said the Kyoto frog. I heard that it is a splendid city.

“And I’m going to Kyoto!” said the frog from Osaka. Everyone says it’s a splendid city.

“It’s a shame we’re not taller,” said the Kyoto frog. If we were, we could see from the top of this mountain the city we want to visit.

-I have an idea! exclaimed the frog from Osaka. Let’s stand on our tiptoes with our hind legs and support each other. So we can take a look at the city where we are going.

Then the two little frogs stood on their tiptoes and held onto their front legs so they wouldn’t fall off.

The Kyoto frog raised its head and looked at Osaka. The frog from Osaka also raised its head and looked towards Kyoto

-What a disappointment! said the Kyoto frog. Osaka is equal to Kyoto.

-What a disappointment! said the frog from Osaka. Kyoto is equal to Osaka.

At that time, the Kyoto frog said:

“I’m glad we figured this out, now we can save ourselves the long drive and go home.”

The two said goodbye and began to happily jump back to their cities.

However, the two little frogs forgot that all the little frogs in the world have eyes on the top of their heads. In reality, they saw what was behind and not ahead. The Kyoto frog was looking towards Kyoto and the Osaka frog was looking towards Osaka!