First published in 1900, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” is one of the most translated children’s works in the world. From the pen of children’s writer Lyman Frank Baum, the story takes place in the United States, at a time when children’s stories used to be set in Europe. With a simple but captivating language, the story tells the adventures of Dorothy Gale, an orphan who lives on a farm with her aunt and uncle and her little dog, Totó de Ella.

It all begins one day when the sky turns gray and a tornado hangs over the house where Dorothy and her puppy were. After the house blows up with Dorothy inside it, the girl ends up falling asleep and finally wakes up in the wonderful land of Oz. There, she must undertake a long journey to find the Wizard of Oz, hoping that he will help her return to her home. However, during her journey, many surprises await her.

Shortly after setting off, he meets Scarecrow, whom he helps to get off the pole on which some farmers placed him to scare the crows, and later the Tin Man, who is actually a strong woodcutter who has been a victim of a witch who has turned him into a metal being. A little further on, he meets the Lion who, unlike typical lions, is a very cowardly character.

Together they set out to find the Wizard of Oz, each with their own wish: the Scarecrow wants a real brain he can think with, the Tin Woodman wants a heart that allows him to be more sensitive and kind, the Lion wants to learn to be brave and Dorothy dreams of returning home. And together they will live many adventures and become great friends.

After finding the Wizard of Oz and discovering the key to achieve their wishes, each character fulfills his dream, except Dorothy who did not know how to return home. Until one day when she misses her family a lot and, as if by magic, she wakes up in her old room surrounded by those she loves the most. Without a doubt, it is a work full of fantasy, in which important values ​​such as friendship, courage and love for the family are addressed. A story full of teachings that the little ones at home should read at least once in their lives.

The story “The Wizard of Oz” for children

Once upon a time there was an orphan girl named Dorothy who lived on a humble farm in Kansas with her aunt and uncle, Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. She had a beautiful puppy named Totó, who, in addition to being very affectionate and playful, accompanied her everywhere. Her life was very calm since in those lands little happened, except terrible tornadoes from time to time. When Uncle Henry noticed a tornado approaching, they all ran to the basement of the little farmhouse.

One of those balmy days, Uncle Henry watched as gray storm clouds suddenly formed and strong winds kicked up that warned of a tornado. Immediately, he told Aunt Em to take shelter with Dorothy in the basement while he secured the animals. However, when Dorothy went to get Toto to take him to the basement, the little dog ran scared and hid under the bed.

Dorothy went looking for him and by the time I was finally able to catch him it was already too late. The tornado came and with a loud crash lifted the house and in a spiral, she took it far, far away. At first, both Dorothy and Totó were very scared, but after a long time they began to calm down until they finally fell asleep.

Upon waking up, they noticed that the house was no longer flying and ran to look out the window. Outside was a fantastic land populated by strange beings. There were scores of these little beings, no taller than Dorothy and wearing curious hats with bells, looking at her in surprise. Among all of them, an old woman came out who, with slow steps, approached Dorothy and after playing her, made a deep bow and said to her.

– Noble sorceress, I welcome you to the land of the Munchkins. We are grateful to you for having crushed the Wicked Witch of the East and freed our people from her slavery.

Dorothy panicked. It turned out that her farm had fallen to an evil witch, whom she had crushed and of whom only silver slippers remained.

– I just want to go home! Dorothy begged desperately.

Then, the old woman told him that the wicked witch had an even more powerful and fearsome sister: The Wicked Witch of the West, whom they wanted to defeat. In addition, she told him that it would be impossible to leave this mysterious land, since no one there had ever heard of Kansas.

– If you want to return home, you should consult with the Wizard of Oz, advised the old woman.

“Where do I find it?” asked Dorothy.

– You just have to follow the path covered with yellow tiles, it will lead you to the Emerald City, the old woman indicated.

– Take the witch’s silver slippers with you, they can be very useful. And I’ll give you a kiss, she added. I am the Good Witch of the North and no one will dare hurt you if you bear my kiss on your forehead, so the witch kissed Dorothy’s forehead and left a bright blue mark on it.

So, Dorothy set off to find the Wizard of Oz with her beloved puppy Toto. She walked and walked until she saw a field of corn and a scarecrow that was crying inconsolably. Approaching him and asking him what was wrong, the scarecrow told him that he wanted to have a brain to think, but that he couldn’t even move because he was tied to a wooden pole. Moved, the girl released him.

– Come with me, maybe the Wizard of Oz can give you one, he said.

Thus, he undertook the journey again, this time with the company of the scarecrow. Shortly after they encountered a tin man. The poor thing was so rusty that he had froze while he was cutting the wood. Dorothy and the scarecrow approached and after examining him, they took a bottle of oil that was nearby and lubricated his joints. When the man came to, he told them that he was actually a woodcutter, but that he was under the spell of a witch who had turned him into a metal man, but now he only wanted his heart back.

– Join us to see the Wizard of Oz. Maybe he can help you, Dorothy told him.

Now, with the Tin Man for company, they continued on their way. After a while, they met a ferocious lion. The lion without thinking twice attacked the scarecrow, the tin man and then tried to eat poor Toto, but Dorothy took the enormous courage out of him and hit him hard on the snout.

– You should be ashamed that an animal as big as you attacks a small puppy, a tin man and a straw scarecrow.

– I am a coward! the lion moaned. I fear everyone and so I claw and roar at those who come near me. I want to be brave because the King of Animals is supposed to be.

– Then come with us to see the Wizard of Oz, perhaps he can fill you with courage, Dorothy said, moved by the sadness of the lion.

Thus, all together they walked for many days and lived many adventures until they finally reached the Emerald City. As they approached, a guard cut them off and asked why they had come. After listening to his requests, he let them pass to see the Wizard, who listened with special interest to the wishes of his visitors. Finally, he told them.

– I will help you fulfill your wishes if you defeat the Wicked Witch of the West. Who wants something, something costs him, she sentenced her severely.

Dorothy burst into tears, but she had no choice. Together with his friends he set out in search of the witch. Along the way they came across a beautiful field of poppies, as they approached to contemplate the flowers, they fell asleep soundly with the aroma of the flowers. A horde of monkeys serving the evil witch found them and without a second thought, caught them and brought them to the evil sorceress. Seeing the kiss of the Good Witch of the North, the witch could not harm her but made Dorothy her servant.

The evil witch had seen the girl’s slippers and knew that with them she could gain more power, but she couldn’t steal them since Dorothy only took them off to bathe and sleep. The witch was afraid of water and the dark and that’s why she never got close to Dorothy at those times. One day, he devised a plan to steal her slippers. He placed a huge invisible iron bar in the center of the kitchen and waited for Dorothy to bump into it. The girl, concentrating on her work, tripped over the bar and lost a shoe when she fell. The wicked witch took it and put it in front of Dorothy.

– I already have half of your powers, he told her laughing.

– Give me back my slipper, Witch! Dorothy said furiously.

Without thinking, the girl then threw a cauldron full of water on the witch, who gave a scream and began to melt.

– The water is my end, cried the wicked witch. Now I will melt and cease to exist.

Thus, the evil spells of the witch that plagued the land of the Wizard of Oz came to an end. Immediately, the tin man felt the beating of a heart, the lion gained courage and courage, and the scarecrow realized that he could already think. However, poor Dorothy and her dog Toto were still there and hadn’t been able to get back to Kansas.

Again before the magician, and thanks to Toto’s curiosity, Dorothy realized that the magician was actually an old man who wanted to retire to rest in a place where no one could disturb him. So the girl herself decided to follow him on this journey and soon, they found themselves flying in a big balloon. Unfortunately, during the trip, Totó fell from the balloon. Dorothy, desperate to lose her faithful friend, jumped after him. She managed to catch him and in her mind she heard the old woman’s voice telling her:

– Think about how good it would feel to be in your home.

Then, Dorothy closed her eyes and thought with all her might: “There is no happier place than home.” Opening her eyes again, she was surprised again in Kansas, lying on her bed, with Toto sleeping at her feet. Beside her were her uncles Henry and Em. Was everything that she had lived then just a beautiful dream?