We still have a long way to go on the issue of conciliation , starting with understanding that it is not just about being able to take care of your children when they get sick , or being able to leave work at a suitable time to spend time with them before having dinner and leaving to sleep. It also has to do with enabling infrastructures at a public and private level so that those of us who have small children can enjoy them with them , without having to do bobbin lace to, for example, go to a library .

Precisely this image has reminded us once again. These are the workspaces that have been enabled in a public library in Virginia, in the United States:

” A new public library in my area has these babysitter workstations! Maybe these are commonplace elsewhere, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. “

That an image like this has received more than 240,000 likes, says a lot about the scarcity of this type of initiative and the approval it has from society in general . In fact, even those who are not parents have responded to the tweet with messages of support for the implementation of spaces dedicated to children in places where, in theory, they “should” not go with them:

“This is amazing! Imagine being able to do a job search or access classes online without worrying about who is going to take care of the baby. I hope more states implement similar stations.”

“This is just wonderful. Such simple yet important ways to build supportive communities.”

“This is a game changer. I worked in a busy metropolitan library and too often saw moms in very difficult circumstances trying to care for their babies/toddlers while using computers to apply for jobs or housing. It was so hard for them. What a great innovation! Well done! “

The company in charge of its manufacture is TMC , and when entering its website, we see that part of its work is focused on enabling spaces for children in many libraries throughout the country.

I wish we were all aware that getting all involved in conciliation, directly or indirectly (for example, with something as simple as putting baby changing tables in male toilets ), helps us to improve as a society, to make motherhood easier and to raise children who are happier and more integrated with their communities.