Throughout the year we have various dates that commemorate or celebrate different occasions, people or values, and one of them is this day: Valentine’s Day . It is a date in which we celebrate love and friendship, two beautiful feelings that we share with the people around us .

And although we usually associate this date with the love of a couple or the friendship we have with our friends, today I want to invite you to celebrate something that is also very special, and that is even the greatest, sweetest and most powerful love: that of our children. .

When we become mothers and fathers, we begin to experience and live a new kind of love , very different from the love we used to know before having children. It is a new love, different, and without a doubt, very special.

We realize that we have a greater capacity to love , when we feel how our heart overflows with all that feeling that invades us when thinking about and being with our children.

A few days ago, I told you that there is no more pure, tender and sincere love than the one your children have for you when they are little , and it precisely goes hand in hand with the message that I want to share with you on this day, in which love is the center of attention.

It is true, Valentine’s Day is usually a date that focuses more on celebrating the love we have as a couple, but on this occasion, I would like you to stop for a moment to think about the love between parents and children . Specifically, from them to us.

And it is that it is a love so different from all the others, that I think it deserves to be celebrated, recognized and thanked. Many times due to the daily rush, the activities we have to do and all the pending things at home, we may not be so aware that we have a unique and special love in front of us .

That is why today I want you, in addition to celebrating with your partner, friends or family that precious sentimental bond that unites you, to celebrate, enjoy and also honor the beautiful love that your children have for you , especially if they are still little ones.

Cultivating love with our children is something that begins from their first months of life and from which they alone give us samples of that beautiful feeling over the years, through small gestures, words and actions.

We find his love through a kiss, a tight hug, a caress on our face, a “mommy/daddy, shall we play together?”, or those little details that he has with us, like bringing us a flower, which for them is a great treasure and a sweet way to show us how much they love us .

Sometimes I see my daughter and I am amazed to see how much unconditional love, full of tenderness and illusion, fits into that little person so small . The first years of childhood fly by , and that is when we can feel that love of children towards mom and dad in a more palpable way.

Therefore, let us not miss this precious stage in which they give us that great, sweet and powerful love. Let’s save a space or dedicate this whole day to enjoy, thank and celebrate the love of our children , hugging and snuggling them, because time flies.