Tips to celebrate Mother's Day in times of quarantine

Mother’s Day is approaching, a very special day for everyone, since as you well know… there is only one mother. Mother’s Day is the first Sunday of May, but in reality, the real Mother’s Day is every day. Every day it is important that you show your mother that you love her with all your heart, because she gave you her life and would give hers to protect you.

This Mother’s Day will be different and special for many families. It is possible that you have your mother away from you on her day, but the important thing is that you have her and you can celebrate with her this different mother’s day, but no less special. Here are some special ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine and make it a memorable day as well.

Celebrate Mother’s Day in times of quarantine

If, being in confinement, you don’t know how to celebrate this day because your mother is away from you, don’t worry! We are going to give you some tips that will surely help your mother feel special on this day, because she deserves it!

Video call

If you mother “controls” new technologies or at least knows the basics to be able to answer and see you and the children, it is more than enough. The separate quarantine is being very hard, so get up with enthusiasm this Sunday, make yourself handsome all of you who are at home, notify your closest relatives and with a group video call, stay to see your mother and have an aperitif together as a family!

A very special wine

In the aperitif all together you can toast with the same wine. Therefore, you can accompany the snack with a great wine, but first, send your mother that wine that she likes the most so that she can drink a copy with you in the distance.

Cook for your mother!

If you are lucky enough to be with your mother on this special day, cook for her! Make her favorite recipe to celebrate this day with your family. If you are not very handy in the kitchen, then you can order food at home so that they take it to you. Always following all hygiene and social distancing recommendations.

Ideas to celebrate Mother's Day

Movie together

Who says you can’t watch a movie as a family even if are you separated? Call your mother, ask what movie she wants to watch with you that afternoon, sync Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Movistar+ or whatever you have and watch that movie at the same time! You can make popcorn and watch it together. After the movie is over, call each other on the phone and share impressions.

Family games… from a distance!

If your mother is good at them video games maybe it’s fun to play some online games with your mother. You can play multiplayer video games for the whole family, such as: Mario Kart Tour, Apalabrados, Monopoly, Just Dance Now or UNO. Do you know the best of all? These games can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store, so that everyone has them ready to play as a family.

A congratulations with lots of love

There many ways to congratulate your mother. You can make it virtual, you can make it through Snapchat, you can make it with TikTok as a family, you can make it by hand and send a photo and give it to them when you finally see it… Use your creativity to find that special way of making the congratulations to surprise your your mother.