Comics, along with illustrated books, are one of the best tools to instill the habit of reading in children from an early age. Being narrated through sequenced images, they allow the little ones to follow the thread of the story even if they don’t know how to read well, so they facilitate a more autonomous reading, while helping them to improve reading comprehension.

They are also a good resource to stimulate creativity and let the imagination fly, in addition to developing language and oral expression. Another advantage? As they are usually written as a series, they often motivate children to continue reading to know the end of the story and the outcome of each character. These are some comic stories designed for children that will surely catch their attention from the first images.

10 comics to start children reading

1. Super potato

Coming out of the pen of Artur Laperla, this saga is perfect for the little ones who are starting out in the world of reading. The comic tells the story of the superhero SuperMax, who after facing Doctor Malevolo ends up turned into a potato. However, far from feeling defeated, SuperMax decides to learn to face the villains under his new and peculiar image. Thus begins his journey to become Super Potato, a hero who renews himself to continue fighting for his personal mission: to fight evil in the world. Without a doubt, it is a story with many lessons for the little ones at home, in which there is no lack of touches of good humor and that is accompanied by an excellent graphic representation.

2. The Hobbit

This adaptation of the epic fantasy novel written by the British JRR Tolkien is perfect for children who love this literary genre but are not yet ready to read the original trilogy. Adapted by Chuck Dixon and recreated with illustrations by David Wenzel, it tells the story of Bilbo Baggins and his journey to the Lonely Mountain with Gandalf and a group of dwarves to retrieve the treasure guarded by the dragon Smaug that will allow them to reclaim the kingdom of Erebor. A story of dragons, elves and a magic ring that will blow the imagination of the little ones at home while they delight in the images of the story.

3. Darth Vader

Little lovers of the Star Wars universe will be delighted to get their hands on this saga of comics whose protagonist is Darth Vader, one of the most emblematic villains of fantastic stories. Unlike the original story, in these stories the Dark Lord of the Sith who leads the Galactic Empire against the heroic Rebel Alliance shows the most intimate side of him, taking care of such everyday matters as the care of his children. Out of the imagination of Jeffrey Brown, these are adventures full of good humor in which there is no lack of funny fatherly scenes, in which both children and their parents will feel identified.

4. Chloe and her Unicorn

If you are looking for a simple comic to familiarize children with this genre, this collection of Dana Simpson stories is perfect. It all starts when one day Chloe meets a unicorn in the forest that was lost in contemplation of its own beauty. Without hesitation, Chloe helps him come back to reality, and to make it up to her, the unicorn grants her a wish. The girl chooses to be her friend. Thus, in the first volume of the collection, this beautiful friendship arises that little by little is gaining strength and in which adventures and good times will not be lacking. A collection full of teachings that children will be delighted to discover on their own.

5. Hilda

Luke Pearson is the creator of this fun collection of stories about Hilda, a brave, determined and very adventurous girl with whom more than one child will feel identified. The collection treasures some of the best adventures of this girl who lives in mountains full of trolls, giants and all kinds of fantastic beings. A combination of myths and legends with philosophical backgrounds that will surely make the smallest of the house reflect on various topics of daily life. The collection is also a nod to feminism and gender stereotypes, making it perfect for educating kids about gender equality from an early age.

6. Felix and Calcite

The creator of the successful comic “Superpatata” arrives on this occasion with a new collection perfect for the little ones at home. It is an action, adventure and fantasy comic in which Felix, a little boy, and Calcita, a troll who has sneaked into his room, share the leading role. From that first meeting, Felix will discover that his house connects with the world of trolls and will embark on a journey to discover why they are fighting with the gnomes. Will Felix be able to make trolls and gnomes friends again? With this adventure begins a saga of stories in which laughter is guaranteed.

7. Zita

When aliens abduct her best friend, Zita comes to their rescue. However, what Zita did not know is that in order to rescue her friend, she would have to travel to a planet full of neurotic robots, giant mice and other very strange characters and become an intergalactic heroine. Thus begins the first saga of this collection from the pen of Ben Hatke that narrates the adventures of this girl heroine on an alien planet. A collection full of challenges, space missions and important lessons about friendship that the little ones at home should read.

8. Narval

Narwhal is a very clueless narwhal and Medu, a very sensible jellyfish. They don’t have much in common, but they both love waffles, parties and adventures, which leads them to share many underwater stories together. The collection, written by Ben Clanton, includes various stories about these colorful characters in which they will face various challenges while making new friends that will help them overcome each difficulty. A collection full of fun, in which there is no lack of good values, intelligent interpretations and some other teaching for life.

9. My first Marvel Comic

The “My First Comic” collection compiles some of the most famous Marvel superhero stories for the little ones at home. From the history of Spiderman and Iron Man to the adventures of Captain America and the Hulk, each book includes a selection of some of the caped heroes’ most impressive missions. Undoubtedly, an excellent opportunity to familiarize children with Marvel characters while they let their imagination fly towards those worlds of action and fantasy. Of course, the teachings of positive values ​​and touches of good humor are not lacking either.

10. Once upon a time there were two princesses

When Princess Amira rescues sweet Sadie from the tower in which she was imprisoned, little did they know their lives would be turned upside down. As their relationship grows stronger, they discover that they can face their deepest fears and accept themselves to become the kind of princess they truly want to be. It is a different interpretation of the classic fairy tales that breaks down gender stereotypes and teaches children to discover who they really are to show themselves without fear and find their way to happiness.