a very colorful bird

These friendly animals are well known for their huge beaks and colorful plumage. The smallest species measure between 25-30 centimeters, while others reach 65 cm in length. The 40 species of toucans inhabit the tropical forests of Central and South America and some regions of the Caribbean. Because toucans’ wings are very short and ineffective at flying long distances, toucans prefer to jump from branch to branch in the trees.

The bill of the toucans is wide, elongated and has a downward curve. It is composed of keratin just like human nails. The plumage of these birds is distinguished by their radiant feathers that are usually black with white. Some have a mixture of yellow, green, orange and even blue tones.

The females lay about 4 eggs in the nest. After 16 days the chicks hatch which are fed by both parents. In its natural habitat, a toucan can live up to 20 years.

Fun facts

  • The bill of the toucan is larger than its head, however, it is very light and delicate. The large bill size keeps the bird cool in hot weather.
  • Toucans are very noisy, their song is very similar to the croaking of frogs.
  • Toucans build their nests inside tree holes often created by woodpeckers.
  • They are very social birds, usually seen in groups of four to twelve birds.