Most children are very excited to travel, discover new places and have fun adventures away from home. Family trips are also a great opportunity to spend quality time together, discover different cultures and develop tolerance and open-mindedness from an early age.

The The world is full of wonderful places to explore, but traveling with children can be a great challenge, especially for new parents. The key to making the most of these experiences and keeping everything running smoothly is to plan detail all the details in advance.

On your marks, ready‚Ķ Let’s plan the trip!

1. Choose the destination well

If you are traveling with children, choosing the destination well can save you a lot of headaches. Ideally, you should choose an appropriate destination for children, either because it has different options for children’s entertainment, such as a city with interesting theme parks and museums, or because it allows for fun activities with children, such as rural destinations.

In any case, traveling is not the same with a 10-month-old baby than with a 7-year-old. If your children are young, it will be better to choose closer and safer destinations. This way you can get rid of the fear of traveling with children and you will gain experience. As your children get older you can venture further afield.

2. Make sure the accommodation is family friendly

The wrong choice of accommodation can make family vacations a nightmare. That means you will have to spend time searching and comparing different options. Opt for accommodation prepared to receive children that guarantees their safety, comfort and, of course, entertainment.

If you have a baby, before booking it is advisable to check that they have high chairs, cots and bottle warmers . If your children are older, prioritize accommodation that offers children’s activities, so that boredom has no place. There are also hotels that offer a babysitting service, in case you want to relax or plan an outing as a couple. Most family friendly accommodations also offer a special menu for children, a detail that you should take into account if your children are picky eaters.

Tips for traveling with children

3. Travel by car, whenever you can

If it is feasible to reach the destination you have chosen by road, do not hesitate to get behind the wheel. The car will give you more privacy and freedom of movement . You can stop as many times as you want, either to stretch your legs, enjoy the scenery or calm down the little ones. And you won’t have problems with luggage since you can take everything you need, from toys to the stroller.

If you are worried about parking, you can use Travelcar to reserve a parking space at your destination . You’ll find thousands of secure parking options at airports, train stations and city centers, so you can leave your car where it’s most convenient for you. In addition, by making an early reservation you can save up to 70% on the cost of parking and valet.

4. Don’t forget entertainment on board

Entertainment is essential during the trip to prevent children from getting bored, irritable and crying. That’s why it’s important for your kids to have different options to keep themselves entertained.

There are tons of video game apps, movies, and audiobooks available today that can keep kids entertained. You can also bring their favorite toys, play traditional games, bring coloring books or even sing. This way the journey will also become an adventure.

5. Plan children’s activities at the destination

Before planning a family trip, find out about the children’s activities that exist at the destination during the days you are on vacation. Some cities, such as Barcelona or Tenerife, have a cultural agenda for children throughout the year, but in other destinations children’s activities may be limited to the summer.

To check it out, Visit the official pages of each locality or go directly to the website of the recreational facilities. In any case, do not fill your agenda too much. Remember that children tire easily and so many activities, even if they are fun, can end up exhausting them.