Traveling with children around the world: What documents do you need?

Planning a holiday with the children outside of Spain can be very fun and enriching. Traveling to other countries awakens children’s interest in other cultures and promotes values ​​such as tolerance and acceptance of what is different. It also encourages them to learn new languages ​​and stimulates a passion for art and architecture.

However, planning a family trip is not easy. In addition to finding accommodation prepared to receive children and looking for children’s activities in the destination, it is important to prepare the necessary documentation in advance so that your children can travel. So that your trip runs smoothly From the first moment, we explain what documents you need to travel with children outside of Spain and how to obtain them.

Five basic documents that children need to travel outside of Spain

1. DNI

In Spain, the DNI is not mandatory until the age of 14, so if you travel with your child within the country you will not need this document, as long as you accompany him and bring the family book. However, if you travel outside the country, even within the European Union, the child must have this identification document.

On the official website of the National Police Corps you will find all the documentation you need to request your child’s DNI. Basically, you will have to present your literal birth certificate issued by the Civil Registry a maximum of six months in advance, a certificate or registration form issued by your Town Hall within a not older than three months and a recent photograph of the child. When processing the application, you must pay the corresponding fee.

The presentation is made in person. You will have to request an appointment, for which you must fill out an online form with the details of the less. On the indicated day, you must accompany the child to the police station corresponding to your home that has a DNI Issuing Team. Keep in mind that this type of procedure can take a while, so if you are planning a trip outside of Spain, make an appointment in advance.

2. Passport

If you are organizing a holiday to a country outside the Schengen area, you will have to process the issuance of your child’s passport. To carry out this procedure, you also need to make an appointment with the National Police Corps.

To find out what documents you need for the issuance of the passport you can consult the official website of the Ministry of the Interior. You will have to present a recent photograph of the child and her DNI or, failing that, a literal birth certificate issued by the Civil Registry a maximum of six months in advance. You must also present both your DNI and that of the other parent, accompanied by the family book and a registration certificate issued by your Town Hall. Once there, you will have to sign an express consent through which you will give your authorization. to issue the child’s passport.

If one of the parents cannot attend, it is necessary to present a certificate signed before a notary with the consent of the absent parent for the issuance of the passport.

travel documentation

3. Visa

Another document required to travel with children outside the Schengen area is a visa. Many countries require an entry visa, although each one has different conditions that you can check at the corresponding Consulate or Embassy. In some cases you will be able to process a family visa, but the most common is to manage the child’s visa independently.

To make your job easier and save time, you can review all the information on visas in the country of destination and apply through e-Visa. On this page you will find the requirements that different countries apply to obtain the visa, as well as its validity and the maximum period of stay that you can spend in the destination. You can also consult the procedure to be carried out in transit countries and find out the destinations where minors can enter freely.

Make the request through this processing agency visas It’s very simple, you just have to fill out the application form and carefully fill in all the data. After paying the management fee, you can digitally download the visa or travel document. Shipping time varies from country to country, but usually if you request it in advance, you can have it in your hands in a matter of days.

4. Authorization for minors to travel abroad

This document is especially useful when the child travels alone outside the national territory or accompanied by a single parent. It consists of a kind of travel consent that ensures that the child travels outside the national territory with the authorization of both parents. To request said consent, you can find information on the official page of the Civil Guard.

In general, to apply for authorization for minors to travel abroad you must present your identity document and the child’s family book, DNI or passport to prove your parental authority . You must also fill out a form with the details of the minor, the information of both parents and the details of the trip. The request will be made in person at a civil guard office where you will formalize the authorization in writing.

5. Travel insurance

If you travel within the European Union, you should apply for the European Health Card at Social Security. This card will cover the health expenses that the child may need in the country of destination in the event that she has an accident or becomes ill. However, if you are organizing a vacation to a third country, it is advisable to take out family travel insurance that gives you extra peace of mind in the face of any unforeseen event. In fact, some countries require it as a requirement to authorize entry to their territory.

The ideal is to bet on comprehensive travel insurance that includes medical expenses, cancellation coverage and offers guarantees for problems with luggage. , transportation or accommodation. If you travel to a dangerous destination or plan to carry out risky activities, you can add additional accident coverage and a repatriation guarantee. You can carry out this procedure at any insurance agency, both in person and online .