One hot morning, Uncle Rabbit was picking carrots for lunch. Suddenly, he heard a terrifying roar: it was Uncle Tiger!

“Aha, Uncle Rabbit!” said the cat. You have no escape, you will soon become a delicious snack.

At that moment, Uncle Rabbit noticed some very large stones at the top of the hill and devised a plan.

“I may be a delicious sandwich, but I’m very skinny,” said Uncle Rabbit. Look to the top of the hill, there I have my cows and I can bring you one. Why settle for a small sandwich, when you can treat yourself to a big feast?

Since Uncle Tiger was facing the sun, he couldn’t see clearly and accepted the proposal. So he allowed Uncle Rabbit to go up the hill while he waited below.

Reaching the top of the hill, Uncle Rabbit called out:

—Open your arms wide, Uncle Tigre, I’m herding the fattest cow.

Then, Uncle Rabbit walked up to the largest stone and pushed it with all his might. The stone rolled quickly.

Uncle Tiger was so excited that he didn’t see the huge stone that crushed him, leaving him in pain for months.

Uncle Rabbit ran away jumping for joy.