Love is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful emotions that we can experience in different circumstances and moments of our lives, as well as with different people. We have, for example, the love of a partner, the love towards our parents, the love towards those friends who have become family.

But there is a love in particular that, from my point of view, is the greatest that exists: the love towards our children. For this reason, and on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, I am writing a letter to the loves of our lives, our children .

The biggest love in the world

Why do I think that love for our children is the greatest in the world? As a mother, and surely many other mothers and fathers will agree with me, when our children are born, we discover that in our hearts there is another way of loving, one that we have never experienced before .

This new love is a very different love from any we have experienced , because it is an unconditional love, immeasurable, capable of making us move heaven, sea and earth. In a feeling that is difficult to describe, but that many of us would define as “feeling that our hearts overflow.”

This is the love of fathers and mothers. It is a love that fills our souls, swells our hearts and draws a huge smile on our faces. A love that has no comparison and to which there is absolutely nothing that is equal.

And for this reason, although usually when we say it out loud we relate this term or phrase to the love of a partner, our children really are the love of our lives.

Because there is nothing in life that makes us feel the same way we feel about our children . And as we know, it doesn’t really matter what our children do or don’t do: we’re still going to love them unconditionally. That’s why today I write a letter to the loves of our lives.

Letter to the love of my life, my son or daughter

Dear child,

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day, and as such, it is a day in which love takes center stage, and in our case, the love we have for each other should also be celebrated. I’m going to try to explain with words how much you mean to me , although I’m sure they won’t be enough.

You see, when you came into my life, we thought we knew everything about love . We believed, deludedly, that we had already fully known that feeling of affection and closeness, with our partner, family and friends. However, you came to show us a different love.

From the day of your birth until today, I have witnessed how that love I feel for you grows and grows more every day, while you continue to grow, advance and develop. This love that I feel is difficult to describe, because it is a feeling that we know until we have our own children .

No matter how old you are, for me you will always be that precious baby who came to change everything I thought about life. Every detail, every step you take and every new step forward you make makes my heart fill with joy . And what can I say about the love you give me? Without a doubt, it is the purest and most tender in the world .

I love everything about you… Listening to your laughter and talking to you make me die of love . Seeing you grow, knowing you are happy, accompanying you in everything you allow me and being there when you need me, and also correcting you when you have done wrong, are the different ways I have of loving you .