In August, the influencer Estefanía Unzu, known as Verdeliss, announced, to the surprise of her followers, the pregnancy of her eighth baby, which she had kept secret for four months.

And yesterday he announced on social networks the birth of his little girl, whom they have called Deva. The girl was born in a veiled birth , that is, she was born inside the amniotic sac, an extremely rare case that occurs in approximately one of every 80,000 births .

“9 months ago I asked the moon for you, that’s your name and she brought you,” Verdeliss publishes on her Instagram account along with a beautiful photo with her newborn baby in her arms in a bathtub accompanied by her husband Aritz.

“And it came on February 8, merging with my intuition… giving me in his language that link that will always unite us.”

Veiled birth or baby with blanket

“And she was born with a blanket, dancing in her amniotic fluid, she never broke the bag. Such a phenomenon happens in one birth out of every 80,000… proving to heal the past wound,” writes Verdeliss.

“And it was a beautiful, perfect, dream birth,” Verdeliss shared.

These types of deliveries are known as veiled or mantillated deliveries , and can occur in both vaginal deliveries and caesarean sections, while babies born in this way are known as mantillated babies , with a mantle, veil or blanket , due to the mantle or veil that covers them at birth. They are in there just as they were in the womb, as if they were unaware that they had come into the world.

Typically, the amniotic sac breaks before or during delivery, before the baby emerges, but in some rare cases, the baby can be born with the sac intact.

Is it dangerous for the baby? While still attached to the umbilical cord , the baby continues to receive oxygen flow through it, as he has been doing throughout the pregnancy. Once the sac is broken and the cord is cut, the baby begins to breathe on his own .

Estefanía and Aritz are the parents of seven other children: Aimar (16 years old), Irati, Laia, Julen, the twins Eider and Anne, and Miren, who was born at 31 weeks .