If you are planning a getaway to nature, the Montseny Natural Park is an ideal destination. Located very close to Barcelona, ​​in the highest area of ​​the Catalan Coastal Range, the natural park is considered the oldest in Catalonia. Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, it is the habitat of a wide diversity of both animal and plant species, although without a doubt, one of its greatest claims is its beautiful geography that treasures from mountain ranges and rock formations to mighty rivers and natural pools. .

Although the park receives many visitors during the autumn due to its beautiful natural landscapes and being one of the best Spanish destinations for picking chestnuts and mushrooms, it is actually an excellent destination to visit at any other time of the year. In fact, one of the best times to discover its natural treasures is summer, as in addition to being a perfect refuge from the heat , you can enjoy swimming and water activities in its pools and rivers.

It is also an excellent destination to discover with children as it offers the possibility of enjoying many family plans. In the Children’s Stage we want to make your work easier, so we propose some perfect rural accommodation for the whole family to stay in and some fun activities to enjoy the park with the little ones at home.

Three perfect plans to discover Montseny with children

Beyond taking a walk or enjoying a picnic in the Montseny Natural Park, there are many other plans that you can organize to discover this natural area with the little ones at home. Here are some very cool ideas that you can enjoy as a family.

1. Undertake one of its hiking trails

If something distinguishes the Montseny Natural Park among its visitors, it is its numerous hiking trails. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular and easiest is the circular route around the Santa Fe Reservoir. With a distance of about 9 kilometers, the route follows the path that borders the reservoir and runs through a beautiful beech forest. Along the way, some beautiful waterfalls await you on one side and the reservoir dam, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the park.

Another very cool route that you can do with children is the Castanyer del Drac route. This is another circular route of about 6 kilometers that starts from the hermitage of Sant Bernat and heads towards the top of Fitó, from where you can enjoy wonderful views of the campsite and the crest of Les Agudes. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions of this route is the Drac chestnut tree, a dragon-shaped tree that does not go unnoticed. Of course, there are many other routes that you can take within the park, you can learn more about it at one of the park’s information centers.

2. Discover some of its charming towns

With an extension of more than 30,000 hectares, the Montseny Natural Park runs between three regions, Osona, La Selva and Vallés Oriental, and treasures various charming towns that are worth a visit. One of the places that you cannot miss is Sant Pere de Vilamajor, a small town but with some very cool natural views and a parish with a medieval air that treasures sculptures and frescoes by artists from all over the world. If you visit it in autumn, perhaps you will coincide with the Medieval Vilamagore, a celebration in which the town dresses up and revives its most medieval traditions.

And, of course, you also have to visit the town of Montseny. Located in the heart of the park, it is a very small but very charming village where the Romanesque church of Sant Juliá awaits you, in whose patio you will find the church’s boxwood, a very peculiar kind of shrub declared a monumental tree by the Generalitat . You can also visit the Taula dels Tres Bisbes and the L’Estela viewpoint, from where there are beautiful views.

3. Enjoy a swim in its natural pools

If there is one plan in the Montseny Natural Park that children will love, it will undoubtedly be taking a dip in one of its natural pools. In the park you can find some bathing areas in its rivers and various natural pools where you can spend a quiet and refreshing day with your family. Undoubtedly, one of its most popular pools to visit with children are those of the Riera de Sant Marçal. These are pools of crystal clear water that have been formed by the riverbed, where the water is much calmer and the bottom can be seen. In this pool there is also an area with a picnic area so that you can enjoy a snack with the children after bathing.

If you continue along this route, you will find other pools where you can take a dip, such as the Riera de Bascona pool. In this natural pool, the water is also very clear and, although a bit cold, it is perfect for taking a bath on the hottest days of summer. Of course, to enjoy these spaces, the use of suitable footwear is recommended since the stones in the pools can be uncomfortable and cause foot injuries.

Where to stay with children to discover Montseny?

If you are planning to enjoy several days in Montseny, in the surroundings you will find various options to stay with the little ones at home. These are very charming rural accommodations, very close to the paths that go into the park and where you will have all the comforts you need.

1. Vilar Rural de Sant Hilari Sacalm

In the Girona town of Sant Hilari Sacalm, next to the Montseny Natural Park, stands this rural hotel designed for families with children. One of its biggest claims are its spacious rooms, equipped with extra beds, cots, hammocks and a bathtub for the little ones. However, the Vilar Rural de Sant Hilari also has various entertainment options for children: it has a children’s pool, an outdoor playground and a TV room.

However, what the little ones will surely like the most will be its orchard and farm where they can see how vegetables and aromatic plants are grown and be in close contact with chickens, goats and rabbits. For the more active there is the adventure park and circuit in the trees, located very close to the accommodation, where they can enjoy the forest from another perspective.

2. Mas Mengol

Its privileged location in the heart of the Montseny Natural Park makes this old farmhouse a perfect alternative to enjoy the park with children. Its location will allow you to organize different plans in nature and get to some of the surrounding towns, although if you prefer to stay in the facilities there are also many options for children to have fun. The Mas Mengol has a swimming pool, a games room and a small playground, where children can be entertained to their heart’s content.

However, one of the plans that the little ones will surely enjoy the most will be the activities on the farm. Mas Mengol is home to lambs, goats, kids, chickens, rabbits, hens, pigs, ducks, geese and pigeons, which you can pet and feed. And, so that the most daring can live different experiences, pony rides are also organized in the surroundings.

If you are looking for a place to stay with children to discover the Montseny Natural Park, this typical Catalan country-style farmhouse is perfect. Located just 16 kilometers from the park, it offers the possibility of embarking on hiking trails and organizing plans in the mountains with the little ones at home. Upon your return , comfortable accommodation awaits you where you can rest in peace or continue enjoying family activities in contact with nature.

La Mas Pratsevall also has an outdoor play space for the little ones, while offering books, DVDs, board games and puzzles so that boredom never feels like home. For little nature lovers, there is a nearby farm with various animals and a farming area, where children can learn a little more about organic farming. And, for the most curious and active, guided visits to the Forest of Fairies and Elves, chocolate workshops for the whole family and pony rides are organized.