We will have to start from scratch but with family it is always better

We have to get used to a new reality that may take us a while to accept. A new forced reality forced by the pandemic we are going through. A lethal virus that has already taken thousands of people around the world. It is more serious than we thought at first… And it is necessary to continue acting responsibly all the time, but above all, adapt to the new realities that we will have to live… together.

Living it together

Because what really matters is living it together and facing it with love and harmony, knowing that by doing things right, nothing can go wrong. It is important that as a family we take care of each other, so that in this way we feel not only protected, but also care.

It’s not only mom or dad who should take care of us, we also have the responsibility to take care of them, no matter how old they are. Also, if your parents are elderly, they need you more than ever to be able to protect themselves from what happens out there.

Difficult situations

No matter how difficult whatever the situations may be, you may have to give up what you had built to date… But what matters is that in this new reality, you feel accompanied and supported by those who truly love you. You don’t need more than your loved ones, those you know will always be by your side, that if you need anything, they won’t hesitate for a second to extend their hand.

Together as a family , with each other… new paths can be traced to move forward, as was done in the past and as can be done again.Hand over hand, with joint force…everything is possible.

Unconditional support

Your family are those who will support you unconditionally, at all times. Although the road will be complicated and it will not be easy to have those energies again that they had before everything, these are necessary to start over, so that everything works again. Don’t let adverse situations drag you down.

Unconditional family support

The lower you feel, the more important your family will be in your life. They always they are important, but when you really need them, they will not let you down. You are a team, the strongest team rowing towards the same side: everyone’s love, for everyone. They will tell you that you are capable of achieving it, they will provide you with knowledge and wisdom if you need it, and their encouragement will be the strength you need to achieve what you set out to do.

Nothing is lost

Although it seems that the new reality is discouraging, that there are many potholes to overcome and sometimes, fear may freeze your heart for a few seconds… Remember that nothing is lost and even less so if you try. If you really want a new beginning where everything goes better, starting over as a family will always be the best option.

No matter what crisis you are experiencing right now, each fall along the way will teach you to get up again , with more wisdom and intelligence so as not to fall into the same stone again. Do not be afraid, because in the midst of mistakes and uncertainty, where mode and sadness areā€¦ There can be success and happiness.

Hug your family every day , tell them you love them, be their outside when they need it and they will be your support staff when it is necessary for you. Promote communication between you so that you can express your feelings. Remember, your family will always be by your side, supporting you unconditionally. Friends come and go, but family will last a lifetime.