Weight gain in babies during their first year of life

When a baby comes into the world, it is a very small, fragile being that looks like it is going to break. The parents’ protective instinct is instantaneous. But during the first year of life, the baby grows a lot and very quickly and parents must be attentive to its growth and go to the pediatrician regularly for check-ups.

The baby increases weight and height by leaps and bounds during its first year of life, therefore, if you are the father or mother of a small , it is a good idea to keep this in mind to know if your child is growing what he needs at all times.

Weight gain month by month

The baby goes from weighing about 3 kilos weighing about 10 kilos. You will be able to notice important physical changes that will be reflected in weight and also in height. Don’t miss everything we tell you next!

The first week of life

During the first week of life the baby may not grow a lot of weight, you can even lose a little. When this happens there is no need to be alarmed since she is absolutely normal and in the following weeks she will continue to gain weight. It is from the second week of life when the baby begins to gain weight.

The first month

In the first month of life, the The baby gains about 200 grams of weight every 10 days approximately. His stomach gets bigger and bigger, he feeds more and his appetite also grows. The mother can also produce more milk if she chooses to breastfeed.

From the second to the sixth month

During these months the little one gains weight day after day so it is ideal to weigh him approximately every 7 days. A month he would have to gain about 600 grams, so weighing him weekly is good to know that he is not losing weight and that he is growing as he should.

From the sixth to the ninth month

When the baby passes the threshold of 6 months of life, he will begin to accumulate fat and add calories. If the nutrition given to her is correct, everything will be fine and she will gain weight at a faster rate per week. During these months you can gain a pound every four weeks or so.

Growth during the first year

From the ninth month to the first year

When the baby is between these months of life, he will no longer grow as fast but will continue to gain weight, albeit at a slower rate. This means that she can gain 200 to 250 grams a month. What matters is that the little one eats well, is alert and has a good skin color.

What you should not forget

Is very important that you do not forget how important it is that your baby is well fed all the time. This way she will be able to get the nutrients she needs as well as proper hydration. If you think at any time that your baby is not well fed, you will need to go to the pediatrician as soon as possible to assess your baby’s health.

It is also necessary that you do not forget that in addition to a good diet, babies need rest and a lot of sleep. Therefore, it offers a calm environment for your little one. Both when it is time to feed and when to rest. In the same way, in the moments when he is awake, do not forget to offer him all your unconditional love, cognitive stimulation and attend to all his needs, both basic and emotional needs. This is how he will best increase from weight your little!