In recent years learning towers have become very popular among families with children. Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, it is a kind of platform that allows little ones to reach objects or reach surfaces above their height. Undoubtedly, it is a very useful accessory to promote children’s independence and autonomy.

Recommended from 18 or 20 months and up to around 4 years old, the learning towers have a base to lean on and climb onto the main platform. Upon reaching the platform, the children are protected by bars that prevent possible falls and to which they can hold on to gain stability. In this way, they will enjoy greater freedom of movement to brush their teeth in front of the mirror, wash their hands or shape some cookies in the kitchen.

There are different models of learning towers, from fixed designs to folding and hybrid towers for the smallest spaces so that you can choose the one that best suits your home. Here is a compilation of some of the safest and best rated designs that will surely not disappoint you.

7 learning towers for the little ones at home

1. Moblì ully Natural learning tower

Inspired by Montessori principles, this learning tower is perfect for children who are starting to do some tasks on their own. Made with natural birch panels, it has a very robust and stable structure, equipped with an anti-slip system that keeps it fixed in place. As the wood has not been treated, it is safe for children because it does not give off toxic substances and it has also been polished by hand to avoid protruding edges or corners. Thanks to its removable base system, it allows you to modify the height of the platform and adapt it to the growth of children so that it accompanies them throughout their development. Of course, it has alower rung for children to access the platform and has a protection bar to prevent them from falling.

2. Meowbaby Wooden Learning Tower

If you are looking for a learning tower to stimulate the independence of the little ones at home, this model from the Meowbaby label is a good option. Made of pine wood and reinforced with screws, it has a very solid and stable structure that allows children to reach the highest surfaces safely. Thanks to its two lower steps, they will be able to climb the platform on their own to wash vegetables in the kitchen or wash their faces in the bathroom without falling, since it also has bars at hip height to protect the little ones at all times . . And it is very light! So that children can use it wherever they go since it is very easy to transport.

3. Bianconiglio Kids Multilayer Learning Tower

Designed by educators from the Montessori system, engineers and parents, this learning tower is just what the little ones at home need to be more independent. Made with 11-ply birch wood panels, it has a very solid, stable and resistant structure while, thanks to its 3-position adjustable platform, it adapts to child growth up to 7 years old. In addition, it includes the patented Kidsafe system that prevents accidental falls due to its anti-slip bar and protective panel. Being handcrafted, it has a smooth finish, without edges or corners so that the little ones are safe at all times.

4. ully One learning tower by moblì

If you are looking for an all-risk learning tower, this model of furniture is an excellent choice. As it is made of wood it is very resistant and stable while thanks to the special treatment of the surface it is impervious to water and resistant to stains. In fact, it is very easy to clean as just wiping with a damp cloth after each use can quickly remove dirt. In addition, it includes a removable base that allows the tower to be adapted to child growth and a lower step to ensure that children can easily climb up and down. And it hardly takes up any space! So you can use it even in small spaces and store it in any corner of the house.

5. Cozyland Bamboo Learning Tower

Recommended for children between 18 months and 3 years, it is a perfect choice to stimulate their childhood independence from an early age. Made of natural bamboo, it can support even the weight of an adult, making it a robust and resistant tower that will accompany children throughout their growth. Unlike other learning towers, this model includes a removable protection bar that is placed once the children are on the platform to prevent them from falling. In addition, it has non-slip silicone mats to keep it in place when the little ones are on it. And, for easy child access, it includes a bottom rung that kids can use as a ladder.

6. Moka Transformer Learning Tower by Bianconiglio Kids

Practical and versatile, this learning tower from the Bianconiglio Kid label can be converted into a desk, table and blackboard with just a few movements. With 5 different positions, it includes a platform that works both as a support for children to climb on and as a table top, as well as a step that facilitates access and serves as a seat. Made with 11-ply birch panels, it has a robust and resistant structure but is very easy to manipulate, allowing you to change its position in the blink of an eye. It is worth noting that thanks to its rounded edges and smooth surfacethe risk of accident is prevented while its side barrier prevents possible falls when children are at heights.

7. Trusty Learning Tower by Bianconiglio Kids

Designed for little climbers at home, this model from the Bianconiglio Kids label is perfect for children to gain autonomy. It has an adjustable shelf in 4 heights that allows it to be adapted to the growth of children and, as it is equipped with the double spring hook system, only adults can unlock it. Also, it is very safe. It not only has a robust and resistant structure but also an anti- slip base, protections on all four sides, and an anti-tip and anti-fall design that prevents the tower from losing stability. Made of bi-laminated MDF wood, it also has rounded edges and an antibacterial treatment . which makes it a safe option for children.