Throughout this article we will explain what are the best sexual positions to get pregnant. All of them help the sperm reach the cervix.

Are you looking for the baby? Just as there are certain positions that are recommended to adopt to get pregnant after having sex, there are also positions that favor pregnancy during intercourse. Throughout this article we will explain what are the best sexual positions to get pregnant.

Before we begin, we want to make it clear that these postures are not miraculous, in fact, there is no scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness.

What is clear is that they help the penetration to be deeper and the sperm to remain longer in the cervix. In this way, the chances of it reaching an egg are increased.


the missionary

It is the most classic position, but it is still romantic for the couple to make love while looking into each other’s eyes. In addition, it is a comfortable position for both people and when lying down, the woman’s uterus moves forward and settles down to receive all the sperm. Surely you already know it, but it is worth explaining to you that it is the position in which the woman is lying on her back and her partner is placed on top.

The deep

They also receive the name of anvil or missionary with elevated legs. It is called that because the posture is like that of the missionary, but in this case the woman must raise her legs above the shoulders of her partner. In this way, the penetration will be deeper.

The cross

Another variant of the above. This time the woman is still lying on her back, but leaves one leg stretched out and places the other over her partner’s shoulder. The man stands on his knees between the woman’s legs and holds her elevated leg, to be able to penetrate her better.

The doggy

In addition to the fact that the penetration is very deep, it favors the opening of the woman’s cervix, so this is one of the best sexual positions to get pregnant. To perform it, the woman has to kneel down, with her hands resting in front of her (on all fours). The man stands behind and penetrates her from behind.

the magic mountain

It is a similar position to the previous one, but it is more comfortable for both. Several pillows are placed and the woman is placed on all fours, but resting her belly on them. Her penetration is also from behind her, but in this case the man can support her chest against her back.

The spoon

It is a very romantic and more relaxed position than the previous ones, but it also facilitates deep penetration. To carry it out, both the man and the woman lie on their sides, she with her back to him.

the cowgirl

With this position the tables change, and it is the woman who is placed on top. The man lies down, and she stands on top of him. In this way, the woman can adjust the movement and the angle of penetration to reach orgasm. Penetration will be deeper if the woman sits with her back to her partner.

The wheelbarrow

Another of the best sexual positions to get pregnant, but which requires being in good physical shape, is the wheelbarrow. This position makes it easier for sperm to reach the cervix. It consists of the woman lying on her stomach and resting her hands or forearms on the edge of the bed. Then, the man grabs her legs from behind and lifts them up so he can penetrate her.

the trapeze

It also requires a certain degree of flexibility on the part of the woman. Do you want to try it? The man has to sit on the edge of the bed (or an armchair), with his legs apart. So, the woman sits on him, facing him. When he has penetrated her, he grabs her wrists and she pulls back until she is fully stretched out. At that time he will be the one who has to do the work.


We return to postures that do not require too much physical strength. The woman lies on her back and bends her knees against her chest. The man kneels between her legs and penetrates her. So that the inclination is the ideal one to favor that the semen reaches the cervix, she can place a cushion on her back. She in this way she will raise her pelvis.

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