What can children learn from Christmas?

For most people, Christmas is synonymous with celebration, family plans and gifts for children. However, many overlook that this season is also perfect for instilling good values ​​in the little ones, values ​​that allow them to grow and strengthen their identity and distance them from the consumerism that sometimes appropriates these dates and that distorts its true essence. How to achieve it? What can we teach children at Christmas?

What can we teach children at Christmas?

Feeling grateful

Most children hope that all the gifts they have asked the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus will appear under the Christmas tree. However, some are not satisfied, either because they did not like the gifts or because they did not receive as many as they expected. To avoid this type of situation, it is important that parents teach their children to feel grateful simply for being together. At Christmas, the most important thing is not the gift, but the opportunity to be with family and have fun. Therefore, it is recommended that instead of focusing on gifts, you prioritize family plans.

Share with others

Some children’s letters to the Three Wise Men are usually full gift requests. In fact, some are more of a list of toys. However, you can encourage him to think of other people and even choose some of the toys that he no longer uses and that are in good condition to donate. It is important that children understand that Christmas is not only a time to receive but also, and above all, of giving and sharing with those who have less.

Be creative

Instead of buying the classic Christmas decorations and greeting cards, congratulations in stores, you can take advantage of this time of year when we all have more time to do crafts with the children. In this way, you will not only be spending quality time with your child, but you will also teach him the value of things and even stimulate his fantasy and creativity.

Instill good values ​​in children at Christmas


The Christmas is a period in which consumption increases disproportionately and, therefore, waste. In fact, did you know that every Spaniard produces 75% more garbage during the Christmas season? Therefore, it is an excellent time to emphasize the importance of recycling. Collect the paper and toy boxes and take them to the cardboard container. You can also reuse many everyday objects, such as paper rolls, to make crafts and Christmas decorations. You just have to let your fantasy fly.

Recognize the effort

Older children are fully aware that Santa Claus and the wise men do not exist. Therefore, if your child already knows that you are the one who buys the gifts, it is convenient that you also explain the effort behind each one. In this way, the child will not only value each present more, but will also understand that to achieve anything, it is necessary to make an effort.

Balance your conscience

The end of the year is an excellent excuse for children to look back and assess their behavior. It is not about scolding them but about motivating them to do an exercise of conscience. The idea is that the child is able to detect her main mistakes and commits to change during the new year. In this way you teach him to be critical of himself and take responsibility for his actions. In fact, you can turn this activity into a family game in which each member recognizes their mistakes and commits to change something what you don’t like about yourself.