What happens in the brain when we get angry

Have you ever wondered what happens to your kids when they get mad? How does your brain work? Well, it works just like yours, so it is very important to learn what happens in your brain so that you can understand what happens to your child’s brain when he gets angry. The brain has been practicing since millions of years ago, so he’s prepared to protect himself from what makes him angry.

When something makes you angry, your brain starts to work quickly and almost automatically to respond. The problem is that when a brain is angry it stops being intelligent and fair, since it only wants to respond in a certain way and it is not always the best idea.

The brain gets stronger but it does not think clearly

When a brain gets angry it becomes stronger, works faster and is more powerful… it is as if it became a super brain. But anger and anger can make people make really dumb decisions. When you’re angry, your intelligence drops by 30% so even if you have great speed and strength, your brain isn’t thinking properly. clarity.

This is a dangerous combination as you could end up making the wrong decisions for your actions. There is nothing wrong with feeling angry, we all get angry from time to time. The difference is that when you think you don’t hurt people and when you don’t, there is more danger of doing so.

What happens in our brain when we get angry

Do a test

To realize all this you can do a test. Make a fist and notice that your fingers curl over the thumb. Now, imagine that your fist is your brain, in the upper part is the area where you can think clearly, that is, the part of the brain that is responsible for reasoning, uses all the information it has to make good decisions, you have creativity and intuition.

Then there is the lower part of the brain. This part helps control the physical processes that keep you alive: breathing, blood pressure, seeing, hearing, tasting, listening, sleeping… It is also responsible for instinctive behavior, when you respond to things automatically, it is very quickly, without really thinking. It gives instinctive responses that keep us safe. If for example a lion comes towards you, you could be in trouble and it can take a while to think about whether you should run or not.

The lower part of the brain responds to things without much thought. It is automatic, instinctive and impulsive. It is very good when there are dangers, but it is not so good when situations need more thought and consideration, which is most of the time. This is why the higher brain is needed to be in charge. When this part of the brain engages in behavior, it can be reasonable, flexible, and thoughtful. He will do whatever it takes to survive, but he will do it sensibly and when he really needs to.

When you get angry, your downstairs brain takes over. It becomes so active that it overwhelms your upstairs brain and stops working. Without the functioning of the upper brain, the lower brain can do things that the person later regrets.

All of this is very important for you to understand how the brain works when you get angry, in this way You will be able to better find solutions to put an end to the situation that causes you discomfort. Now whenever you get angry or when your child does, then think about how the brain works.