It can feel like sacrifice on some occasions, but what moves all the actions that parents do is accompanied by a tremendous unconditional love for their children. This is better for you to know now, or at least sooner. In this way when you have to feel that sacrifice, instead of having weight in your heart you will fill it with immense love.

Being a mother or father is not easy. Nobody teaches us to be. What we know is what we learned at home, when our parents took care of us. Although we did not realize it as children, now that we are adults we have realized that it was not an easy path for them. It was full of potholes and uncertainties, where anxiety loomed every moment.

The reality is not as they had told you

On television or the media they sell you an easy motherhood, with always clean, well-behaved children and calm parents all the time. Nothing is further from reality. Life with children is full of paths with stones that are difficult to jump or skirt, precipices and dark areas that are very scary. But we go through them, and we do it bravely.

We go through them because our children need us to. Because we are his everything, we are his life. They depend on us and there is no discussion about it. While it is true that families can be large and there are also the figures of grandparents, uncles and other influential adults in children’s lives… parents are the strongest pillar that must be supported to grow and develop as healthy and healthy people. emotionally stable.

That beautiful baby is difficult to calm down and takes away hours of sleep at night, leaving you exhausted 24 hours a day. That 5-year-old boy is an earthquake and he depletes all your energy reserves. As they grow, things do not improve and when adolescence arrives, everything is even more complicated. But as parents, every time an obstacle comes, we transform ourselves, we become more resilient, strong, resistant, sensitive and we learn that what matters most in family life is unconditional love.

Love for children is what gives meaning to everything

When you finally realize that expectations are not like reality and accept it, everything changes. Everything improves. We can look the truth in the face, knowing that there are limits in life and that time flies by. While it is true that there are days that go by slowly, the years fly by. Motherhood and fatherhood are paths full of obstacles, but love for our children makes that path worthwhile and that we have the courage to be able to walk it with integrity.

When they say that love can conquer all, it is true. You realize when you have your children in your arms. It doesn’t matter if the tantrum is from a 5-year-old or a 15-year-old, although the intensity and triggers are different, love is the only thing that will guide the situation and lead them back to them.

Calm, tranquility, trust and love are essential at all times. It is necessary to stop worrying so much about the past or the future, and start loving our children unconditionally in the present. Your children deserve to feel that love through caresses, good words, hugs…

A loved child will be a man who knows how to love in the future. He will understand that the key to happiness lies in this little four-letter word: love. To understand this as parents is to understand the secret of motherhood and fatherhood. Unite your mind and your heart and you will realize that the things you do do not have to make you suffer, they should make you see that you are a perfect person within your imperfections for your children.