By hiring burial insurance, you will be freeing your loved ones from facing funeral expenses and dealing with the paperwork involved in the death of a person.

The death of a loved one is always hard. At those times we are not here to organize the funeral or manage the bureaucratic procedures that must be carried out when a person dies. Is it possible to free our families from going through that drink? Yes, but for this it is necessary to take out funeral insurance.

With this policy, the insurance company is responsible for carrying out all the procedures. In addition, it covers burial expenses. These can exceed 6,000 euros, or 12,000 if it is necessary to repatriate the body.


Funeral insurance is one of the most affordable, and one of the most demanded. More than 21 million Spaniards have one.

Its price will vary depending on the company chosen, the age of the holder, whether it is a man or a woman and the coverage contracted. When choosing the most beneficial policy, it is important to make sure that it includes the basic coverage. Namely:

  • Funeral expenses;
  • The coffin/urn;
  • Flowers;
  • The hearse;
  • The obituaries, the reminders and the signing table;
  • The escort car for relatives;
  • religious service;
  • Cemetery expenses;
  • the niche;
  • The tombstone;
  • Incineration or burial, depending on what was freely contracted;
  • The repatriation of the body if the insured dies abroad, including costs and procedures;
  • Taking care of the administrative procedures: obtaining the death certificate, registering the death in the Civil Registry, requesting the certificate of last wills, the paperwork to request the corresponding pensions, etc.

Other additional coverage may be legal assistance, receiving compensation for an accident, travel assistance, the transfer and stay of a family member if the holder has to be hospitalized in a country other than Spain, the living will, the erasure of digital life or medical and dental insurance.


It is also important to clarify that death insurance can be of various types. These are the most common:

  • natural premium : you start by paying less money, but the premium goes up as the insured gets older;
  • A semi- natural premium : it is a variant of the previous death insurance. In this case, the price goes up every 5 years;
  • level premium : the insurer calculates the life expectancy of the insured and sets a fixed price. This modality harms the youngest holders, because they pay more than what would correspond to them by age. On the other hand, the older ones pay less;
  • mixed premium : combines the above. While young, the insured pays little money. On the other hand, when you turn 65, the premium goes up a lot in price. That is why it is necessary to know what the monthly price will be when that age is reached;
  • single premium : we are talking in this case about lifetime death insurance. The objective is that people over 65 years of age who had not contracted any policy can pay the cost of their funeral in a single payment;
  • Repatriation Funeral Insurance : In Spain there are many foreigners who live here but want to be buried in their home countries. This policy is designed for them.


After reading these lines, the importance of having death insurance is clear. By hiring it, you will be freeing your loved ones from facing the funeral expenses. Nor will they have to deal with the paperwork involved in the death of a person.

As we have already said, the insurer is the one in charge of contacting the funeral home, organizing the funeral and carrying out the administrative procedures.

In addition, to contract this policy you will not have to go through a medical examination . It is enough to be of legal age.