What to do when you get angry

It is very important to know what happens in our brain when we get angry, but it is even more important to know what to do when we get angry and thus be able to redirect our thoughts and behavior. As parents, we are the best example for our children and that means that we are the first ones who must know how to react to anger so that our children observe good behavior in us.

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When we are angry

When we are angry, anger appears, and this can be a motivator to harm others… or not. The truth is that when you hurt another person, it will always end up hurting you in some way in the long run. You don’t want to be that person who goes around angry, with impulsive, reckless behavior… If you don’t control yourself in the face of anger, you will only do things that you may later regret.

But anger is not only a bad thing, if you know how to manage it, it can be a great ally when we are angry. Anger can help you protect another person when there are aggressors hurting them. It may be the reason why you focus on making things better instead of everything being a disaster, you may realize what is wrong in your life to improve your well-being.

You have to learn to be the boss of your brain and thus, you will be the boss of your anger. You can use your anger to do many amazing things to motivate yourself and make things better. You have to be the boss of your brain and not let negative emotions take control.

Not everyone wants to get rid of their anger, there are people who enjoy it and think it is positive… and it is that anger will always try to tell you something important about your life, but you must control it. It is necessary to connect with your thoughts, be flexible, know that there is a part of your brain that is impulsive, thoughtless… and that when these behaviors happen, then if you control yourself, you will not harm anyone -not even yourself-. This way you won’t find yourself screaming and you’ll be able to make clear decisions to find great solutions.

What you should do when you get angry

What you should do when you get angry

  • Breathe. It sounds simple but it is very effective. There is a reason why it is necessary to practice breathing every day. The first is that if we don’t do it… we die. The second is that when we breathe deeply, the brain releases chemicals to calm feelings of anger and anger.
  • Take a walk. Walking outside helps us feel like we have the things under control. It is not necessary to walk too long, 5 minutes is enough to calm negative emotions and begin to see things more clearly.
  • Say what you need calmly. It is necessary so as not to increase your nerves, you can say what you need in a calm and clear voice. When you yell, people won’t hear what you say. Remember that when you get angry you lose 30% of your intelligence at that moment.
  • Stay active. You can walk fast, run, take a walk, dance… anything that turns you on. moving. Getting active will help your body get rid of chemical waste from when you’re angry. These chemical residues are stored when the stressed brain prepares for fight or flight, but when there is no need to survive, these residues are stored.
  • Allow yourself to feel all your feelings. Knowing what to do when you’re angry doesn’t mean you have to suppress what you’re feeling. Anger or anger as long as you feel it under control is no problem. Anger never exists by itself and can be very useful in understanding what is really happening to us. So allow your feelings to enter you, whatever they are, and understand why they are there… when they do, the anger will go away.