What to do when your teen wants to be alone

All adolescents go through the stages in which they prefer to distance themselves from their parents and mark their independence without feeling overwhelmed by rules and limits. But you should know that on many occasions, when your child wants to be alone it has nothing to do with you or the relationship you have, it is a natural and evolutionary phase that you have to respect. But do not think that your child hates you, it is just a natural tendency to want to separate from your side to find their psychological autonomy.

Separating children from their parents is a self-fulfilling process that will help children determine who and how they will be in the future. At this age, friends and peers will become more important and parents less relevant. This can be difficult for parents to digest, but you need to know that it is something natural and evolutionary. It is necessary that you know how to treat your child in this phase in which he will want to spend more time alone than by your side.

Keep an open mind

You may not feel very comfortable with the idea that your teenager will spend too much time alone or away from you, but he/she needs to know that you will be by their side whenever they need you, that the channel of communication will always be open to them. Also, it is essential that they feel how you respect their interests and that you accept them without judging.

Adolescents will want to break the rules and you will not be able to ignore what is happening or deny their behavior, watching elsewhere you will not solve anything. Adolescents need to know that you are their guide, acting beyond your discomfort and always leaving the lines of communication open.

You can inform your children of what they need to know and help them to feel the value and respect they should have for themselves when entering the world of adults. This is necessary to do it from the appreciation and respect of them as individuals in their current life.

adolescent lonely

Sensitivity as an educational power

Ideally, from the moment our children are born, we raise them based on experiences where respect and love are the protagonists, helping them to find the sensitivity of life and at the same time, to be able to become an adult s strong and self-sufficient. Through these inevitable stages of development, you can expect your relationship with your child to change and go through certain phases, which, like when they want to be aloneā€¦ you must respect.

Remember that all children need more and more independence as they grow older. At its best, this evolution can be rich and rewarding, but the lesson of what it means to love human growth over time must be learned by you. But at its worst, you can feel like you’re losing something or that you feel compelled to relive your childhood traumas. It is for all this that you should always strive to remember that the best thing you can do for your children is to work yourself, separate your needs and your experiences and accept who you are. Accept that you are a different individual from your child, that you are both unique and that above all, you are different.

These are some tips so that you can learn to respect your teenager’s space and above all, that you understand that sometimes, wanting to be alone is not a bad thing, nor does it have anything to do with you. Although if at any time you see that there is behavior that is not appropriate or strange, you should find ways to help and find balance in the home again.