When visiting a newborn, keep their older sibling in mind

When a baby is born it is always a great joy and makes you want to go visit the new member of the family. But there is one aspect that should not be forgotten: if there are older siblings in the family. Because yes, it is true that going to see the baby is a joy, but when there are older siblings you have to take them very seriously. account.

An older sibling may feel that the baby that has arrived is taking away the attention and affection of loved ones, especially if you notice that everyone pays much more attention to the little one and not so much to him. When a child feels like this, it is very common for them to begin to feel jealousy.

The parents and relatives of the child have the power to make sure that the child does not feel that way and that can realize that he is also and will always be important to everyone. Thus, he will not feel displaced in any way and will not believe that his baby brother will take away his place in the family.

What you have to do when you visit a newborn with an older brother

So, we are going to give you some tips for when you visit a newborn who has an older brother (or several). Keep them in mind to create a positive environment and make the new older brother feel just as loved and important as the new family member.

Give him a gift

When you go to see a newborn Don’t just take a detail for the newborn, do it for the older brother too. Not everyone remembers this and it is very important to do so. It can be a detail that he likes and if you can’t think of something then ask his parents before making the visit.

Spend time with him

When you are at the visit for the newborn , spend time with the older brother to play and have fun. Even if you see the newborn (who is probably sleeping or eating), spend more time playing with the older brother. The little one will feel important and it is the goal that we really want to achieve so that he does not feel bad. If you trust the parents, you can suggest playing with him outside the home or even going to the park or ride a bike together.

Make him feel important

One way to make a child feel important is to give him responsibility. For that, ask him for help. For example, if you’re bringing a cake for the whole family for a snack, ask her to help you cut the cake and set the plates and drinks on the table. Depending on the trust you have with the family and their capacity, you can ask them to help you with other more complex things. The little one will realize that his help is essential and that he is of great value at home.

 newborn older brother

Ask him how he is

Asking a new older brother how he is or how he feels is fundamental so that in this way he can analyze the abstract emotions he has. He may feel angry or angry, but not know why or exactly understand his feelings. You can ask him how he feels, how he is doing at school, talk about movies, etc. Try not to just keep the conversations about her new baby brother.

Do fun things

In addition to doing things together, you can also think of other fun things to do while you’re visiting . This can be crafts, fun photos, games to laugh together, Think about the activity and you will surely have a great time and the little one will forget his possible jealousy!

Emphasize their role in the family

Remember that it is not a good idea to praise the older brother excessively because he will realize that you are not being sincere. It is important that without labeling him, you emphasize his importance in the family as an older brother, without giving him responsibilities that do not belong to him (for example, it is not his duty to take care of the brother, that is up to the parents ).

What is important in any case is that you make him see his achievements and all his qualities. For example, that he will be able to read stories to his brother because he knows how to read very well, that he will teach him to ride a bike when he is older, etc.