If you are looking for boy names with T, in this article you will find a selection of 40, with their origin and meaning so you can choose the one you like best.

Are you looking for boy names with T ? It will not be difficult for you to find one that you like, since it is estimated that 5% of the names begin with that letter. Its origins, therefore, are the most varied.

There are many Spanish names that come from Latin, but you will also find boy names with T coming from Anglo-Saxon, Native American, Quechua, Nahuatl or Japanese, among others.


1. Tabere . Of Tupi origin. It means “away, lonely”.

2. Thaddaeus . Spanish boy’s name that comes from the Aramaic Thaddeus . It means “energetic man”. Variants: Tadej, Taddeo, Thadeo, Tadez, Tadio, Tadey.

3. Taiyou . Of Japanese origin. It means “thick sunbeam”. Variant: Taiyo.

4. Tancred . Of Croatian origin. It means “wise counsel”. It is a variant of Tancredo, which comes from the words thanc , which means “thought”, and – rad , “advice”.

5. Tarcisius . Of Latin origin, like many of the names of boys with T that exist. It means “the bold”.

6. Telemachus . Of Greek origin. It means “the one who fights in distant lands”.

7. Thelmo . Of Latin origin, it comes from the word helm , which means “helmet”, “protection”.

8. Theo . Of Greek origin, this Spanish name is short for Doroteo, Teodoro or Teófilo. Formerly it was used as a diminutive of all the names that began with Theós , “God”. Variants: Ted, Teyo.

9. Tybalt . Of German origin. It means “prince of the people”.

10. Theodore . Of Greek origin. It means “gift of God”.

11. Theodoric . Of German origin. It comes from the German theud-ric , which means “powerful people”.

12. Theodosius . Of Greek origin. It means “divinely given”.

13. Theophilus . Of Greek origin. It means “lover of God”.

14. Theseus.  Another of the names of children with T of Greek origin. It means “the one who founds”.

15.Thiago . Of Hebrew origin, it is a graphic variant of Tiago. It is also a variant of Santiago.

16. Thierry. Of French origin, it is a variant of Theodoric.

17.Thor . Of Scandinavian origin, it comes from the Norwegian word torden , which means “thunder”. Thor is the god of thunder.

18. James . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the supplanter”.

19. Tiberic . Of Latin origin. It means “of the Tiber River”. Variants: Tiberi, Tiberius.

20. Tiburcio . Of Latin origin. That was the name given to the native of Tibur, one of the neighborhoods of Rome. Variant: Tiburci.

21. Titian . Of Latin origin, it is the patronymic of Tito.

22. Tino . Of Italian origin, it means “small”. It is used as a diminutive of names such as Cristino, Faustino, Constantino or Florentino.

23. Thyrsus . Of Latin origin, it comes from the word thirsos , which was the name of the rod of Bacchus. It means “vine branch”.

24. Titus . Of Latin origin. It means “the defender”.

25. Timothy . Of Greek origin. It means “one who honors God”.

26. Titian . Of Latin origin, it comes from Titus , which means “the defender”. Variant: Titian.

27. Tlazohtlaloni . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “man”.

28. Tobias . Of Hebrew origin. It means “the Lord is good”, as it comes from Tobiyyahu , a word composed of the adjective tob , “good”, and Yahveh . Variants: Toby, Topi, Tuvya, Tobi, Tobin, Tuvia.

29. Thomas . Of Aramaic origin, it comes from the word thoma or theoma . It means “twin, twin”. Variants: Tomislav, Thomas, Tamas, Tomaz, Tom, Tomaso, Tommaso, Tomek.

30. I took . Of Aramaic origin, it is the Portuguese and Galician variant for Thomas.

31. Tony . Of Latin origin, it is believed that the name of this Roman family derives from the Etruscan, whose original meaning is unknown. It could also come from the Greek word ánthos , which means “flower”.

32. Ptolemy . Of Greek origin. He means “the warrior”.

33. Torquatus . Of Latin origin. It means “the one who wears a necklace”, due to its origin from Torquatus (“one adorned with a necklace”).

34. Toribio . Of Greek origin. It means “noisy, turbulent”.

35. Tristan . Of Celtic origin, one of its possible origins is Drystan , which means, “the disciple, “the student”. Some say that it comes from the Germanic Thurstan , or Thorstein (in Norso), which means “the stone of Thor” (the god of thunder). Another meaning attributed to it is “the messenger”.

36. Tristany . Of French origin, it means “noisy”.

37. Thulium . Of Latin origin. It has different meanings, depending on the etymology. If the Greek is taken into account, it means “to inflate”, in Etruscan it means “jet, violent rain” and in Latin, “to raise”.

38.Tupac . Of Inca origin, it comes from tupaj , which means “royalty”.

39. Tutankhamun . Of Egyptian origin. It comes from Compound tût-anj-amon, which means “like or similar to the god Amun”.

40. Txomin . Basque name of Latin origin. It means “consecrated to God”.