I already advanced you in the post about how to shelter children on rainy and cold days, carrying as an ideal option to go outdoors with the little ones. Today I want to insist on this option because the first years of life are crucial for human beings to learn to love nature . It is never too late, of course, but learning to love and respect it from childhood will help these children (in future adults) develop more empathy with the natural environment and its living beings.

And when to start going out into the mountains? Well, from the beginning of everything, since life is born! In fact, I am convinced that although we have been living in urbanized towns and cities for a long time … our body and our genetics continue to wait to see a natural environment as a habitat for life.

Taking babies out into the wild is a great way to start that connection and build a healthy habit from an early age . It will also provide the whole family with a relaxing time in a natural environment, or can someone be very stressed in a beautiful place full of green and trees? I nooo!


As I have already advanced to you, the best thing is … to carry! For us it was the great solution to be able to lead the life we ​​wanted and in which the whole family could participate.

The portage is a way to carry your baby but also implies a way of communicating and look , which is ideal in nature. If mom or dad look at the trees with curiosity, the animals with love, and generally marvel at what nature offers, so will babies .

In addition, we can put words to everything , describing how much we see (thus we begin to learn about the natural environment) and at the same time respond to their gestures, their expressions (or their comments if they are already talking children).

To go out with babies and enjoy total freedom, all you need is a baby carrier and a carrying coat.


Surely you have ever wondered if an ergonomic backpack or one of the typical hiking backpacks sold in sports stores (those with irons and a visor) is better . When Terrícola was little he wore an elastic scarf or the Boba backpack . Now we already use a Tula Toddler , but I have always had the doubt of the suitability, or not, of a hiking backpack.

That is why I have expressly asked Porteo Natural and he has told me that until the child sits correctly on his own, with total stability of his spine and neck, and his feet reach the stirrups of the hiking backpack correctly, Surely the best option is an ergonomic baby carrier (silly backpack, scarf, mei tai …) and that is what Gemma recommends. Also, if the little one falls asleep while we walk … ergonomic backpacks have hoods so that their heads are well supported and do not tumble inside the backpack.


I had already told you about the Momawo carrying coat on another occasion. It is a very warm coat to avoid being cold in winter. But today I want to talk to you about the new Momawo Mom & Dad wearing fleece . The brand gave it to us at the end of last year to test it and I have to say that although I thought we would not release it until spring … we are getting a good performance with this spring winter that is doing, little cold and little rain, at least for our area !!

In case you do not know what a carrying fleece is, I will explain that it is a coat for the father or mother of the carrier that serves to shelter the baby at the same time. How a photo is worth a thousand words … I show you here how it is:

The fleece has an appliqué that you can place in the front (attached using zippers) or behind, depending on whether you are carrying the baby hanging in front or on the back, and the appliqué serves to give the fleece roominess and allow the baby to fit and the mom inside him.

The fleece can also be used in pregnancy, since thanks to the applique it fits the belly wonderfully. I hope to try this use shortly too (this is a hint to daddy, ahem, ahem, hahaha).

The truth is that since Terrícola was born I have tried a lot of coats and fleeces of this style and this is my favorite. It has a very flattering design, even when you go without the little one, which in my case is already most of the time, and it is unisex, for moms and dads (as long as you wear the same size, of course, hehe). If you want to know more about the Momawo wearing fleece, look here for details and benefits.

Another material that we use a lot to keep the little one warm are the babylegs . They are warmers for the little ones and they are used for a thousand things: to warm their feet, their legs if it is colder than we thought (they are put on the pants), their arms if they are taken out of the fleece, etc. Even today I always carry them with me.


This is a question that I have asked myself many times. From what age a child can walk all the time and stop being carried.

It sure is a question with a very relative answer. There are African nomadic tribes in which, from one year onwards, there is little insistence that children walk long distances by themselves (of course, it is important for their way of life). In our culture, however, it is common to see older children in strollers and increasingly in baby carriers as well.

The truth is, I think it is a personal option for the family and that it will also depend a lot on each child, but whenever we go on long walks we take the baby carrier and fleece yes or yes, because on the way out and throughout the day he is happy jumping and examining everything … But the return to the car or home can be very hard (especially for my arms) if he is tired and we do not have any baby carriers.

For me it is very important that the experience in nature is fun for everyone and that we return home happy and in a good mood. That is what will make you happily remember our outings to nature . So carrying a bit more is worth it, right?

By the way, the good thing about carrying older children through the mountains … is that you not only “take back” the child but also all their treasures . But … look at what the little one is carrying in his hand. We always go like this, logs, branches and stones, from nature to home!

The photos in this post are from Lia Duran Photography , who took them for us a few weeks ago especially for this article. I can’t help but thank you for all these beautiful photos that you always take of us. I don’t know how … but it has the virtue of taking me out wonderfully, I think I lose a bit naturally … hahaha !!!