When we think of our memory, we tend to identify it with a large warehouse where we keep all our memories safe. However, science has shown that memory is a dynamic process and our memories are not so reliable, but tend to vary over time.

Neuroscientists at Northwestern University have found that a memory is not simply an image that we retrieve from memory when we travel back in time to the original event, but rather a relatively distorted image that loses precision each time we recall it, until the point that can become different from the original event. That’s why it ‘s never too early for parents to start treasuring childhood memories.

Photos facilitate remembrance and create a sense of connection and identity

Photos add factual details that help cement memories and help keep them stable over time. Taking photos has been found to improve visual memory of the experience and facilitate more specific memories. For this reason, it is a good idea to photograph both the relevant moments of children’s lives and the most everyday ones.

In fact, children can remember with relative ease the most special moments of their lives, such as the first day of school, it is the little things that they tend to forget, such as that fun time on the swing, a day at the beach or an excursion in family.

Those seemingly insignificant little things can give a lot of meaning to life. A study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that as the years go by, ordinary and mundane experiences are becoming more important as they contribute to a sense of identity and well-being. Therefore, immortalizing these everyday moments can help children create a common thread in their lives.

Luckily, the technology we have at our disposal allows us to record practically everything, the problem is that most of the photos we take are forgotten in the bits of some memory or folder in the cloud. To prevent this from happening, you can choose the most significant photos, print them and take notes of what happened. This will create a detailed graphic memory for your children that will help them remember their childhood experiences when they grow up.

When the years go by, it will be so much fun to see those photos again. Remembering those experiences will be like reliving them. That simple action helps draw a connection from the past to the present and strengthens family ties. In addition, later your children will be able to share these photos with their own children and tell them about their childhood adventures.

In fact, keeping track of your children’s lives through photos helps preserve family identity and legacy. Memories generate a pleasant feeling of comfort, belonging and security that is reactivated every time we open a photo album. Therefore, the best gift you can give your children is to help them build wonderful memories and treasure them.

The perfect album to store this summer’s adventures and memories

Whether it’s your child’s first summer or a few years old, this season always creates fun family memories worth keeping. In Enchanted Letters they know it. That is why they have created this beautiful album for the summer. So this summer will be truly unforgettable!

The album has 64 pages, so that not a single adventure is left out, all with beautiful backgrounds, titles, frames, beautiful phrases or illustrations to color. It even has 3 extra pages of stickers to decorate the album. In addition, it is hardcover, so it will stand the test of time well, while its rings give it some flexibility that makes it easier to handle.

Your children will love to paste the photos, write their memories and paint to create the album of their summer adventures. Having something concrete to remind your kids of the places you’ve been, the laughs you’ve shared, and the time you’ve spent together is simply invaluable.